Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wood and NOT a stray cat

We spent most of the day outside yesterday.

With temps in the 40's we got rain instead of snow. Which was ok by me.

This is the load of wood we split and got stacked in the basement. Man am I sore today.

With almost no grass left in the horse pasture - it's been nibbled down to nothing, add in all the rain Friday night and pretty much all day Saturday it is a sea of mud back there that Casper loves to roll in, YUCK!

Came in from doing wood and what do I find with Caden on the couch?
The neighbors cat, which he seems to think is a stray and he will get to keep.
He says "Well Mom, he was just sitting on the porch when I came in and he looked hungry."
Are you kidding?
Do you see how BIG this unneutered male cat is? He has been eating and eating well - at the neighbors house to the West of us (not the dopes to the East that forget to feed their animals).

He is a very affectionate nice cat, that even seemed to like Shasta, but he is not ours and we don't need any more cats.
Poor kid had to go put him outside, I'm such a meanie.
Today he is sitting on the step, waiting to be let in, damn.


Mikey said...

Lol, I think that cat has chosen you :)
Nice job on the wood!

PAK ART said...

Kids! I remember Travis writing his Dad a note and leaving it on the table for him to read when he got home all about how he wanted a kitten. (there were free kittens from friend at school) It almost suckered us in, but we remained firm. At least with this one it really does have a home. Maybe your home is nicer with kids to love on the animals?

Ami said...

My grandmother, who was very allergic to cats, used to feed the ones that gathered by her back door. She fed them "so they'll go away."

She never had them in the house, though.

Are you SURE you don't need another cat?

Anonymous said...

wow.. i hope you have a wood splitter!! I can see by the size of the logs that you have a big stove. we (or i should say I) have burned a lot of wood so far this winter... I love it tho. I like being able to stir up the coals in the morning and getting logs burning without the use of my precious kindling...only newspapers... about 4 or 5 days, then I have to let it cool so I can take ashes out. My project this afternoon after my 4 day weekend.


Anonymous said...

That cat is not starving! that is was big fat cat. Are you really sure you don't needs more cats?

Aunt Krissy

Kellie said...

I will take yours Krissy if you are really leaving me to go back to AK.......... waaah!

And yes Rose, we just got a very amazingly wonderful splitter. I'll have to post a pic of it..