Monday, November 7, 2011

Mr Pool Shark

With the cooler temps and not spending as much time outside - it's pool time again.

Caden is quite the pool shark. He wears his fancy hat, uses his lucky stick and wins more than he loses.

Yes, this is my basement and I need a basement make over!


I did it again. I don't know why I do this, but I can't seem to help myself.

I dyed my hair.


Or rather I put a semi perm color on my hair. It's only supposed to last for 28 washes.

The color is light brown - chocolate truffle. The top doesn't look too bad, but starting at about my ears it starts getting REALLY DARK! Like almost a blackish.. shit..

For some reason I see myself as a blond, but I'm not. Maybe a very dirty blond with lighter highlights or something like that. Last time I had my hair done (highlights done by a professional) was for Colton's graduation. I could not stand the grow out any longer and on impulse got a box of dye last time I was a the store and yesterday while watching football decided to give it a whirl.

Oh my. I really hope it washes out soon - only 26 more washes left (hopefully).


PAK ART said...

your description of the color cracks me up. You could always buy some cheap shampoo and wash it repeatedly over the weekend just to lighten it some. I've always been afraid to color mine.

Aunt Krissy said...

I'm sure that it's not that bad! I cut my bangs this weekend. Let's not talk about that okay?

Kellie said...

I'm gonna be a hair washin fool Patty!

KRissy!! LOL you are as bad as me!

Lisa said... want photos!

Ami said...

"The top doesn't look too bad, but starting at about my ears it starts getting REALLY DARK! "

You need to cut your hair at about your ears! Problem solved. You're welcome.

Ami said...

Oh, and love the pool shark photo. So funny. :)

tainterturtles said...

Oh boy the horrors of commercial coloring kits. One thing I learned from my mom who was a beautician, DON'T TRUST THE COLOR KITS! The color solutions are different than the salon colors....really. My mom told me stories of woman actually dealing with hair that turned orange or green.

No more color kits Kellie! Go to Mane Street Salon......