Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Do you see what I see?

Gracie in the tree.

She is quite stealthy.

This is an old artificial tree with those wire branches that have the fake pine needles on the ends.

Yesterday I was upstairs working, when it sounded like all hell was breaking loose down there, so I went down to investigate. All was quiet - with only Shasta wagging her tail and looking up into the tree, which is how I happened to spot Gracie laying on the wire branches looking ever so guilty.

She hasn't knocked it over yet. The star on the top has been found hanging off the side and a few balls have been broken.

A cat continually in the tree shall make for an interesting holiday season.


Lisa said...

My mother had to stop putting up her tree. The three cats would wreck it. So now, no trees at Christmas. And this was the lady that didn't want me to have animals when I was growing up!

Tookie said...

A cat in the tree all the time would drive me bonkers! Good luck :)

tainterturtles said...

Annabelle climbed up into our Christmas tree for the last two years. So now with four cats in our house....NO CHRISTMAS TREE!

Good luck with Gracie!!!

SunnySD said...

Too funny! Ours love the packages - they haven't ever tried climbing the tree, although any round ornaments hanging on the lower branches are fair game.

PAK ART said...

We used to have a dog that would carefully remove lower ornaments and place them in a pile - her own stash of toys I assume. We put our tree on the table so pets can't get it, but then, we only have dogs, not cats.