Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thankful for so many things

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays and not just because we get to feast on the best holiday dishes around.

My list of reasons to be thankful is mighty long.

The snow is gone, although we expect to get a bit tonight. I actually hung sheets out to dry on Thanksgiving day - that's how nice the weather has been here.

The willow in the front yard.

A Thanksgiving toe story

Thanksgiving morning Chyann got a call from the neighbors saying they were in such a hurry to get where they were spending the holiday that they forgot to feed their rabbits and dog - really are you kidding me? How could you forget that? Anyhow she rode Scotch up to take care of their animals (they even forgot to close their garage door). When she got home she was putting Scotch away and he stepped on her right foot. She heard a pop and felt a sharp pain. Being the tough gal that she is she continued on putting him away.

Now let me say that due to nerve damage she has almost no feeling in her right foot, so for her to have actually felt pain it must have hurt like hell!

When she came in we looked at her foot and saw that her pinky toe was swollen to about four times it's normal size and bleeding from under the nail and blackish/blue/purple in color.

Not much you can do with a possibly broken toe on Thanksgiving day, so we took her in to the doc yesterday for xrays. No broken toe thankfully - but still massively swollen and an infection already brewing under the nail. drat. Good thing we took her in and that she was actually wearing heavy boots otherwise she might have really broken some bones.

Sloppy eating horses.

Jennifer is flinging up the hay onto Gypsy to get all the sweet little bits underneath.

The Hubby put a rail around the feeder to keep Lily out of it because she about tipped it over twice trying to get out of it.
She gives us the ol' stink eye now.

I turn around to find sweet Casper eating out of the wheelbarrow.

Hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend, I know I sure am.


Ami said...

I know animals are a hell of a lot of work, and they're unreasonably expensive, and you need a lot of space to have them.

But I'm glad you do, I love seeing the pictures.

Hope Chyann's toe is a LOT better soon, I can truly say I've never been stepped on by a horse and I'm glad.

tainterturtles said...

This has been a good Thanksgiving holiday for me, especially with the kids home for a visit. I was thankful that our kids helped with the Christmas decorations around the yard and our house.

I'm glad Chyann didn't break her foot!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! That toe must be one tough toe! Did you put up your Christmas Tree yet?

Aunt Krissy