Sunday, November 20, 2011

The first snow and other blither blather

Can you imagine this big ol' cow climbing into the feeder?

I told the Hubby Lily was climbing up there and he couldn't believe it, so I had to take some pictures.

We got our first snow yesterday. Only about 2 inches, but enough to remind us all that it is wintertime.

Grandpa drove up from Oklahoma Friday night and headed back out with a load of hay yesterday. He got caught in a blizzard going through southern Minnesota and it took him six hours to get to the state line, which is when the snow quit, of course..

Our old pool tarp was too worn to put back on this winter. I've ordered a new one and it should be here soon.

Colton is finally feeling better, only took four trips to the doctor and almost two weeks of missed school/work.

Although now there is a new issue to deal with. On one of his first trips into the doc he told them that his right ankle had been bothering him a lot. They did an xray and said they'd let him know what the radiologist said. Two days later we get a call saying he has been referred to a Podiatrist/Orthopedic surgeon. Had that appointment the other morning and it appears that he was incorrectly diagnosed back in 2008 with a sprained ankle - he actually had a fracture. So, what does this mean? Surgery for sure - more on that to come.

Chyann sold her little pink saddle on CraigsList! She was soo thrilled!

The first quarter of school is over and both kids brought home report cards with straight A's! How awesome is that!!

And as requested a picture of me with my goofy ass dark hair.

Currently it is only half as dark as what I started out with and have a very attractive blond streak on the left side of my head - I didn't do the best application of dye apparently.

With me is my very dear friend :) xoxo


Ami said...

I don't think it looks bad. And I'm really picky about my hair, so I am a by god expert!

The cow in the feeder photo is very funny. :) Made me smile.

Oh. And love the tie dye shirt.

I hope the ankle/surgery thing goes quickly and easily and that it works great the first time.

tainterturtles said...

OMG, I love the cow picture! Aren't farm animals funny creatures?

Ohhhh, not good news about Colton. How weird that it wasn't properly diagnosed. Poor kid.

That's a great pic of you and your friend.

Lisa said...

Well, I like it.

Aunt Krissy said...

The hiar looks good! Not bad! Bummer about Colton but great news about the A's for the two kids!

Anonymous said...

yeh Chyann and Caden!! great job.
hope Colton gets to feeling better soon.
and your hair looks good!! mine just keeps getting grayer and grayer... no more dying it for me.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the fam!!