Sunday, November 13, 2011

Still here...

but sicker than hell.

Colton has bronchitis, sinus and ear infections that has caused him to miss five days of school and work (so far - maybe more cuz he is still not well). Now Chyann and I have it.


Wednesday we dodged the first major storm of the year. Folks just 60 miles to the East of us got up to a foot of snow! While we not nothing! Which was good because Chyann and I took a trip to the cities for some doctor stuff.

She was cranky at having to leave school.

About 20 min into the drive she grumps at me "Did you FART!!!" and rolls the window down about half way. umm.. no, you are smelling the shit the farmers spread on the fields and since the window is now down it really stinks in the van.
She mutters about stinky farmers and tries to roll up the window. Huh, guess what? It wont roll up. Electric windows - great technology if it works, right? I pulled over and tried to get it up to no avail. So off we go - to the cites. It's about 44* and we are going about 70 down the interstate.
It was LOUD and cold in the van even with the heaters on full blast - did I mention it was also windy? Blowing about 30 from the North? Which was right into that open window.

Well let me tell ya it was tremendously loud and quite freezing. Chyann of course is such a cool kid she only wore a sweatshirt jacket up to the bus stop that morning. There are blankets in the back but they "stink".

My lovely daughter had her fingers in her ears just moments before I snuck this picture of her.

After about 30 minutes she was able to go get the window to roll up - and boy were we happy about that! Lots of tapping and smacking on that window button, it must have a short in it or something.

Seahorse at the hospital

Thursday we got the steers, Eight ball and Cinnamon, loaded up on my lunch break and the Hubby took them to the butcher.

I was able to go to the school Friday for the Veterans day program. The school always puts on such a nice program with a guest speaker, singing and patriotic music.

Saturday the Hubby went and picked up Lilly and Marble from the farmer down the road. They are both three months pregnant!

My hair is still a darkish brown.
18 more washes left - supposedly.
Although I do see a slight difference in the color.
I no longer scare myself when I look in the mirror and that is a bonus!


tainterturtles said...

Gee Kellie, you should write a weekly column about the life of a "country mama." That was a precious moment you had with Chyann in the car!!!!

I sure hope you all feel better soon. I heard the flu season started early.

I wanna see your a pic!

Mikey said...

Lol, oh my goodness. That gave us a good laugh here this morning. I can just picture you going down the road, freezing. I'm so sorry you're so sick! Hope you get to feeling better soon. At least you haven't lost your sense of humor :)

Ami said...

One of our lovely windows did that last year when we took our annual trip to the coast for our anniversary.


I'm snickering at the picture and imagining her with her fingers in her ears and pondering that most teenage daughters have a lot in common.

Feel better soon.

Lisa said...

I'm sorry but the window episode is so funny. That sounds like something that would happen to me. I want to see a picture of your hair!!!

Avery Smithkin said...

This happened to my mother's car last year. She was able to postpone her trip, but it was a Sunday and there was no place open to get it repaired right away. Then it started to rain. We decorated the opening quite nicely with a plastic trash bag and some duct tape. Very stylish.

I hope your window keeps working - they can be fairly expensive (and sometimes difficult) to repair if the motor goes bad...

Anonymous said...

Kellie!! you are a crack up. I'm surprised Cheyann wasnt flipping you off in the picture :-).
sorry you arent feeling well.

I think its unanimous... post a pic of your hair!!


PAK ART said...

I just love your kids. They are so real!