Monday, August 22, 2011

Hog Heaven

Marco and Polo have spent their first few weeks with us in the barn and it is finally time to move them to their new home - the pen outside.

Having been born and raised until now in barns with concrete floors they were literally in Hog Heaven when they met the soft dirt and can now root around!

This pen has not been used for a while and had lots of greens growing in it, that the pigs loved! They completely exhausted themselves on Saturday just rooting around, enjoying their new world.

In other news, our mare Gypsy appears to have the same ailment that Scotch had last week. WTH?!! He supposedly had a puncture wound that got infected? She started showing symptoms on Saturday morning - oozing yellow from along her jaw bones to the base of her throat - no punctures anywhere. Yesterday she was starting to swell. I cleaned her all out, she seems to be having more pain than Scotch did, and gave her a shot of Scotch's antibiotics.

I'm going to call the vet this AM and see what they think. I'm sure it's not strangles, but have no idea what it might be..
Interesting enough Chyann volunteered to help give shots and has now given Scotch two! wowo!

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crochet lady said...

Those two piggies look like they are having a grand time :)