Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New canning thing-a-ma-jig and poor porkers

Check out my new completely custom made canning station!

Conveniently located right off the back porch.

And it works great! Got 10 quarts of salsa done over the weekend.

Horse update: Vet doesn't really know what the horses have got. He is positive it's not strangles though. Scotch is completely healed up, with only a small scab under his jaw. Gypsy obviously had a more extreme case of whatever this is and is now scabby with no more oozing - but looks/acts less thrifty to me (meaning I can catch her easily). The other horses show no signs of this crap - yet..

And as such Chyann has been riding Jenny everywhere. A renewed love for this gorgeous gal.

PS The pink pigs are no longer pink - try sunburned red. The poor porkers are not liking being confined to their pig house during the heat of the day since they are apparently enjoying the dirt so much they are ignoring their skin turning into pork rinds.


Ami said...

Love the canning station! I don't like to can because it's so damn hot....

And you mean you're not rubbing sunscreen into the pigs?

lyndylou said...

I never thought of pigs getting sunburn! The mind boggles :)

crochet lady said...

Do you use propane heat for your canning station? Doing it outside is the way to go for sure!

tainterturtles said...

Great outdoor canning kitchen. For years now, I've set up the camping stove and used my pressure cooker out on the deck. I like your idea of a canning kitchen set-up. You make tasty salsa Kellie!!!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful girl!!!!! <3


Anonymous said...

Jennifer I mean.... haha


Aunt Krissy said...

I didn'nt know that piggies could get sun burned! Poor little guys