Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend fun

The last weekend of August is here.

The pumpkins are ripening and I've got about a bazillion tomato's to do something with. Unfortunately my tomato to pepper ratio is off and I needed additional peppers this year. My pepper plants set all their first flowers well, but didn't set any more flowers till about two weeks ago so I just don't have enough of those baby's.

This pigs are recovered from their sunburn. You can still see a bit of red on their ears though. The porkers keep tipping over their feeder. The hubby anchored a tray thing to a pallet so they cannot tip it over anymore.

Chyann has decided to try out the cart for Casper again this year and after two days of working with him, has success with him pulling her.

Up and down the driveway they went. And if you're wondering why her leg is hanging out the side - it's because she wanted to be able to launch herself out in case of an emergency and not have to worry about getting it tangled up.

Caden gets a ride too. Shortly after this picture was taken they had a minor cart incident with a pole breaking. No one was hurt and the Hubby can repair it.

Colton starts school tomorrow. He is excited, but admits to being a bit nervous as well.

I know he plans on going to the tech school for at least this semester, but he'll probably try to go to a four year college - with dorms in January or at the latest next fall. He has all these new ideas for things he'd like to do... And I guess that is normal? Everyone I've talked to have said that they changed their mind at least twice during college (one gal told me she changed her mind FIVE times!).


Ami said...

I still think it would be fun for you to post pictures of yourself putting sunscreen on the piggies.

I derive great enjoyment from really silly things sometimes.

lyndylou said...

Cool cart! And I am glad the piggies sun burn is healing and I am with Ami on the pics of you putting sunscreen on the pigs! LOL

Aunt Krissy said...

Nice looking cart. Colton will do well in school. I will give him a big hug and kiss if I see hiom and see if I can embaress him!

crochet lady said...

How fun to ride around in a little pony cart, wish I could fit in something like that :)