Friday, August 19, 2011

Animal Friday again...

Sure it's animal Friday again. Where has the last two weeks gone? Who knows..


Chyann has been setting up jumps and obstacle courses for the horses. Her current favorite riding partner is Scotch, he really likes to jump and that thrills her.

Scotch has somehow managed to get a puncture wound between his jaw bones. Chyann first noticed a lump about the size of a quarter that was a bit wet on Tuesday evening. We thought it might be a bug bite he was having a reaction to since 1- the bugs at our place have been ferocious this summer (we've went through so much fly spray this year) and 2 - all the horses get bit in that area some. Wednesday AM I went out to feed them and holy cow Scotch's face was scary swelled!! Looked like a huge friggin goiter about the size of a baseball, not to mention how it extended out on either side of his jaw too. It was hard and oozing infection! Of course this is the day we go to the cites for Chyann's doctor appointments. Colton was home if the vet could come out while we were gone, but it worked out that the vet after a doing a few other emergency calls was able to get here shortly after we got home.

A good cleaning, tetanus shot and 20cc of antibiotic, followed by 10cc of antibiotics twice a day for another nine days and he will be good as new.

It's been a while since I've given any shots. Yesterday morning I stood there with the syringe full of medicine and contemplated if I could do this.. I managed to work up the courage and got it done. Last night was much easier. He already looks much better.

I've started canning too. One big batch of salsa and a batch of spicy beans and brussle sprouts - Yum!

Also of note Chyann's range of motion is now at 103*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, the doctors were totally thrilled with her progress - all smiles and pats on the back, with I knew you could do it thrown in. Course they are now talking about looking at when to take out her hardware when she comes back in October, guess we'll see.



lyndylou said...

It never rains but it pours. Glad the horse is gonna be ok and great news about Chyann's knee! Yipee :)

Anonymous said...

Just Look at my pretty boy!! <3