Friday, June 10, 2011

What a week


I can't say that enough.

This has been an incredibly long and crappy week on many levels.

Most of which I'd rather forget ever happened so I'll just hit the highlights - allergies are all of the sudden kicking my arse! My head needs to be removed and drained! I've been trying different OTC meds and none seem to be doing the trick so I may be hauling my miserable self to the doc in a box for some good drugs soon.

We had some wonderfully hot weather the beginning of the week! But I didn't get to enjoy any of it as I was at work (insert whine).

Now the weather has turned cool and it's is drizzling out. That's a good thing since the garden is really needing a nice soaker. Someone HAS to get out the and pull some weeds. Who and when I have no idea. I can't even pay the lazy kids to do it.. sheesh.

This is also the first official week of summer vacation.

Caden is doing swimming lessons through the school in a neighboring town and loving every minute of it!

Chyann is still doing intensive PT. Next week she sees the docs and hopefully they will decide to release her knee. She has not gained a degree of mobility in 2 mos. She, as you can imagine is pissed off and tired of all this shit.

Colton is driving me nuts! He be the big man now, but mostly acts like a surly 14 year old. What is up with that? I'm sure I was never like that at 18 - course at 17 I had already moved out and was doing my own thing so maybe that makes a difference.

Tomorrow I'm going to be laZing around like sweet Gracie is. Or at least sleeping in till 7a!

In other news the Hubby who is always planing ahead, bought a semi load of wood from some folks that are having their land logged about 2 miles from our house. Apparently this is a good deal as he didn't have to pay much for the trucking and delivery of it.

Pretty cool how the crane is right on top of the trailer and the driver can unload it all on his own. With any luck all this wood will last us three to four years.

Lots of pretty flowers are blooming.

Big plans for the weekend are to assist in getting the pool scupper/skimmer replaced, weeding the garden and riding horses. Not necessarily in that order either.



Dar said...

It sounds like you did have quite the week, very similar to mine, I might add, except for the PT part. Wishing your daughter the best at the docs, and you get some meds and knock the crap outa your head and things will look even brighter. Hang in there.
Your firewood looks like our pile but we have to cut our own. Talk about back-breaking work.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Cal will be busy! I think I'll be splitting wood this weekend. I have enough split for the winter, but we have a huge pile to split so we can get more from Bills boss. Free wood can't be beat!
Your flowers look great. .I dont see any weeds! My garden is starting to grow grass already.. I need to get out and weed that too.

hope you have a GREAT weekend and get to sleep in till 7am!


Kellie said...

Gathering wood to heat with is a huge backbreaking undertaking. Unfortunately we don't have much land and have to buy/barter for ours. It's still better than having to fill the propane tank every month or so tho..

Lisa said...

Sounds like quite the week. I don't think I could handle allergies. When I'm just a bit stuffed with a cold I become a very unlikeable person!! So full blown allergies. I pity you!

Looks like a nice load of wood. That's how we get ours.

Ami said...

I love the cat picture. :)
We don't have a cat, my son is allergic and well, I don't really like them. It's my mom's fault.
Long story.

I hope you have a better week next week.

Aunt Krissy said...

That's a lot of wood! bet hubby was happy to see that pull up. Bummer that you have had crappy week. Hope next week is a good one.

Aunt Krissy said...

That's a lot of wood! bet hubby was happy to see that pull up. Bummer that you have had crappy week. Hope next week is a good one.

SabrinaT said...

I just spent an bit of time reading your blog, and boy it makes me long for home..

As for 14 year old boys, I have one floating around my house as well.. Does your 14 year old have issues with his eyes rolling back in his head all the time also?