Monday, June 13, 2011

And we rode...

Chyann and I rode both on Saturday and Sunday.

We had the BEST time!!

Caden actually thought to get out the camera and get some pictures of us. We were quite a bit away from him so the quality isn't the best, but you get the idea.

We saw a deer and the horses didn't freak out at all. They both stopped and took some deep breaths smelling the deer and we moved on towards it. The deer was frozen watching us approach and I'll admit I was worried about what was going to happen next.

Fortunately the deer decided to bound off into the woods and all was well. We did hear turkeys and pheasants, but didn't see any. Riding through that old corn sure makes a lot of noise too.

Chyann was riding Scotch and at this point he was ready to go home. Chyann had to work a bit to get him to slow'er down and take it easy. I was worried she'd loose her balance and take a tumble into the corn stalks since she is only using one stir up. I bet all those old dry corn stalks would hurt if you took a tumble into them. Fortunately we didn't find that out this weekend.

Coming up to the wash.

Jennifer and Scotch both kept an eagle eye on Caden too.

Sure was fun. We have to make more time to get out and ride.

Everyone pitched in and we got the gardens weeded too. The boys played some golf, knocking balls into pasture and Shasta shagged/fetched a bunch of balls for them. That was pretty cute.

Alas, the weekend is over. I'm feeling better - Allegra is good stuff folks.

Back to the grind of working for the weekend.


lyndylou said...

I am glad you got out on the horses and had an enjoyable weekend :)

Anonymous said...

glad you found something for your allergies. have a great week.

crochet lady said...

It's nice that the kids have so much fun on the horses.

PAK ART said...

work aside, you are living my dream life! Except for the weeding.