Thursday, June 2, 2011

June is here!

My favorite month is here - June!

And not only because it is the BIG birthday month for me, but because the kids get out of school tomorrow, the garden will really be growing, new baby calves born, maybe some kittens, our local fair, we open the pool, depending on Chyann we'll be riding horses more, maybe some camping, hanging out with friends, BBQ'ing most every night, nice cold beer, thrift sale season really gets started (I love a good thrift sale!) and much more.

I'm bummed because of the late hours I work. Not getting home till 630ish every night is really going to put me in a bad mood.

There is a chance of getting a schedule change at work, but nothing for sure.

However a job may be opening up in our town. Fewer hours - more money an hr though and closer to home (maybe a five min drive).

Decisions, decisions...

Oh! and lets not forget that in my current job there is also the possibility of working from home come October.


The wind is still blowing like crazy here. I'm so sick of it! My poor spindly tomato and pepper plants are sure taking a beating.

This is a rhododendron bush/plant that was here when we moved in nine years ago. It has only bloomed once or twice over the years - I even fertilize it regularly.

On Monday it had this one bloom coming.

This morning when I went out to feed the animals it had bloomed. Sure is lovely and it looks like more blooms are on the way.

In other news....

Colton is enjoying his job at Taco Johns. He says the folks there are very nice. It is nothing like his experience at Hardies last summer - thankfully.

Chyann is going to start working with our friend Nan's shire horses this weekend. Draft horse show season is only a month away.

My allergies are driving me nuts.

Blogger was really pissing me off yesterday! I had the hardest time commenting on blogs! It was like a big loop - type your comment and sign in - over and over again. I ended up just being anonymous a lot.

Happy Thursday!


crochet lady said...

The bunnies always eat my rho. every year :( Yours is that beautiful electric purple...nice!

Hope you can get in here in town, it would be great having you in the building again!

So....the BIG birthday huh? Have any BIG plans?

Lisa said...

I'm having a hard time commenting also.

But did you say, kids are done school tomorrow? Already? Here they go till the last week in June.

But you're right, you gotta love June.

tainterturtles said...

Apply for the local job....local is the key, hint, hint!!! I hear ya about the late nights.

Ami said...

Haven't had trouble commenting, but have heard from a lot of my regulars that they're having trouble.

I wonder if it's my fault?

And I dunno... working from home? Sounds sort of dreamy.

Aunt Krissy said...

Gee, I wonder why this is a BIG birthday month? Why why why?
Glad to hear that Colton likes the job. That's always a plus.

PAK ART said...

BIG birthday? I just had a big one - I turned 50 but I know you are not THAT old, so what year is it? I enjoy reading about your family life and glad to see Chyann is up and moving around. I felt so bad for her all last year, but she looks to be recuperating very well. I've had trouble commenting on posts too, I thought it was just me, but lately I'm seeing other people having the same problem. Must be blogger.