Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thrift Sale deal and a Dog party plus Bugsy

Friday was Chyann and Cadens last day of school and they both spent the night a some friends' house, which left The Hubby and I to our own devices, which included a dinner of beer and peanuts then riding go carts at twilight.

We got up early Saturday and decided to hit some thrift sales.

The best deal by far of the day is this very cool porch/deck chair/lounge thing. The Hubby did not want it - I said for $10 how could I not get this piece of luxury furniture? He said whatever like a good Hubby should and we stuffed it in the van. After dropping it off at the house we went and picked up the kids.

Chyann did not go to bed until almost 4am and got up at 730a. Nice. Oh man, talk about cranky! Caden was in just about the same shape having not gone to bed till midnight and up at 6a. Jeez and they wanted to go hit some thrift sales too.

We did for a while until the bickering became unbearable.

So we went home and set up my cool lounge thing.

With the cover removed. You can set the head and feet sections at different angles too. Now tell me, how could I have passed this up? It will be perfect when we get the pool going. Speaking of pools, I had to order a new skimmer for it because the old one developed a crack over the winter that could not be fixed. The new one should be here on Monday. Which I'm sure will not be soon enough for the kids as the weather has finally turned summer like with high humidity and fantastic temps in the mid 80's! Love it!

Check out my poor bleeding heart plant that got mutilated last week with all that wind we had.

And Cowboy. He sure is a pretty boy.

I came back from taking pictures to find Chyann zonked out on the cool new lounge thing.

Sweet Bugsy decides to visit.

Beegee has to check out whats going on too.

Casey starts whining and crying to get up too, so I put her up, which runs Beegee off.

Shasta has to check it out now.

Beegee comes back

And finally the ever allusive Tater comes up too - Casey is the ear licker and does everyone, including Bugs. No Bugs doesn't have mange, he has a bad hair cut thanks to Chyann cutting out some mats then trying to "fix" it.

The horses start goofing around which prompts all but Casey to go check it out.

Chyann popped her head up and very crankily says get these dogs away from me.

Aaah, Saturday fun.


Ami said...

LOVE the dog party.
But am I the only person who immediately visualized this?

Anonymous said...

love the new luxury furniture!! glad you got a cover for it.
you sure can tell all the animals love Chyann! surprised there wasnt a horse up there with her!


crochet lady said...

That is a pretty cool lounge thing! I would have bought that too.

Funny how the cats and dogs wanted to try it out too :)

Lisa said...

WOw, cool chair/lounge thingie. I'd love to get my hands on that!

Anonymous said...

Ok for the record I don't even remember getting up and going outside to lay on the "luxury furniture chair thingy." I wasn't even that cranky, Caden just made me mad.... :o (sigh)


Kellie said...

Ami, I did visualize the "dog party"!

PAK ART said...

ha ha ha Chyann is a hoot! I love the pic of Chyann and 5 pets in bed with her.