Thursday, June 16, 2011

Birds, work and doctor fun

I took this pic of the baby birds on Monday and they must have flew off yesterday, because they are gone this morning. Cute little buggers were practically overflowing the nest.

I realize it is only Thursday, but I tell ya this has got to be the strangest weeks I've had in a while.

Huge upheavals at work.

My supervisor has been reassigned to a new position, the mentor steps into the supervisor role, new mentor from a different team, we loose a few key knowledge holders and get a replacement from a completely different team. Not to mention the whole billing team is loosing their jobs. Crazy shit. Guess we'll have to see how all this shakes out.

We went to the cities for Chyann's check up.

The doctors, which we saw separately, both think she is still on the right track. They said they believe she will regain the mobility in her knee - it just takes time.

Now if she was unable to straighten it out and had not gained any (less than 2*- which is all she had in the last month) of motion since we saw them last they would reconsider the need for surgery to lengthen her muscles and remove the scar tissue.

In fact one doctor said if we went to AK for a year and did no physical therapy at all, when we came back she'd have perfectly normal mobility. I'm like what? are you kidding? He said no, her body is healing but very slowly. He popped up some xrays from when she was wearing the fixator and said look how far she's come and to come that far it takes a while to get back to normal. Even going so far as to say if she'd had done the fixator a year ago she'd still be wearing it until July, but due to the rod laying next to her femer it was able to be removed early.

Her other doctor asked her if knowing everything about the fixator and all that comes with it - the pain, the infections, knee issues, etc was it worth it? and she said with no hesitation yes. He addressed the emotional stages she was going through now (the anger, smart mouth, and other fun) was also part of the healing as a whole. Which I guess makes sense. You'd think after all the operations this family has had I have know that, but I guess I didn't.

Apparently we've all been too impatient for her to "get back to normal".

It's very hard for me to see her so completely different than how she use to be. Previously she was all go all the time. Now some times when I come home from work, she's literally been on the couch all day.

Patience grasshopper, patience.


Ami said...

Knees suck.
At least my knee stuff happened as an old lady.

It must be super hard to have something like this as a young 'un.

Sending good thoughts her way.

Don't you love work upheaval? Decisions made for you by people who don't actually work?


lyndylou said...

It is really frustrating for you both because you just want a slice of what everyone has....normal! It is much harder for you as the mum to watch her struggle because as a parent you just want to make her path as smooth as possible (((hugs)))

Anonymous said...

you have to remember how old she is too.. isnt she close to being a teen? Maybe thats part of the attitude thing!!
glad she wont have to have more surgery yet. hope it doesnt come to that.
enjoy your weekend when it comes!

crochet lady said...

Yikes. Work doesn't sound like much fun.

Healing is a slow process. Looking back in a year from now, hopefully things will be much better.

tainterturtles said...

Wow, can't believe what's going on at weird.

Chyann sure has been through a lot. She is quite the trooper. Things will get better Kellie.

Aunt Krissy said...

That is a lot of changes at work. maybe one day soon we will be doing lunch at the office.