Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice and more fun

Today is the Summer Solstice.

June 21st.

In other parts of the world it's just another day.

For those in the northern parts (southern too) of the world it is the turning point from gaining daylight to loosing daylight. My Dad always says after today you can feel winter in the air - course he lives in AK and tends to see the glass as half empty.

We've quite a few storms dumping huge amounts of rain. Some flooding in Eau Claire and out in the country. Even knocking my telephone and Internet service out this last weekend that sure put a damper on my blogging.

I planted this peony as a tiny sprig and it took two years for it to bloom. Sure is a gorgeous color.

Eight ball, he's been a bad little steer lately.

But not as bad as Cinnamon.

Both the boys have decided that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence and are going right through it and up onto the road. Which is really pissing the Hubby off, because they are wrecking all the electric fence insulators and really stretching out the wire, not to mention could get hit by a car!

Little farts. The fencer is going to need replacing and quite a bit of fence line as well. Until that time Cinnamon is going into the barn and Eight ball will to if he starts going out on his own.

Molly is about ready to pop, she's got a huge baby bump!

All bagged up too. The kids can't wait for a new calf.

Chyann and I went riding last night after I got off work.

It was a bit windy, we saw two deer, someone was riding a three wheeler nearby and that was enough to make Jennifer a nitwit. She did pretty well until the three wheeler made an appearance then decided it was time to head home, which was fine with me -- get her back into her comfort zone and then we'd try again.

As we got closer to home she calmed down enough that I thought we'd try heading back out again and she decided to throw me off on my ass!

It happened so quick -- one moment I was on, then on the ground, then back on my feet -- I even managed to keep the reins in my hand too.

Chyann was like what was that? She just bucked you off! I apparently bounced better than last time I fell off, cuz it didn't hurt at all (not even today- knock on wood).

Well, I couldn't let it end there, so we went home and I put a saddle on her and we headed back out. She was still a nitwit, but didn't try to throw me off again - thankfully.

Classic example of needing to ride Jenny more.

Anyhow.. We finally got the pool uncovered and are in the process of getting the chemical balance correct. The kids can't wait! Course the weather isn't really warm enough to use it right now, but they don't care.

That's it for now. Have a good one :)


PAK ART said...

You should have Kris come over and help ride your horses. Kris would love it but she's not as experienced as you so a bucking would probably ruin the fun. I have a co-worker that reminded me today that the days are now getting shorter and we are heading towards winter. My roses haven't even bloomed yet and it's moving towards winter. Now I'm depressed.

crochet lady said...

Love the color of that peony. Would like to get some that are darker (mine are light pink and white) but I've kind of run out of room in my flower beds.

Too bad about getting bumped off! Good thing it didn't hurt, but it would still scare me.