Monday, November 29, 2010

A whole bunch of...

Random stuff...

Worked 6 hrs yesterday.
Came home and took a nap.

Went into work late today because Chyann has double ear infections.

It is raining like crazy outside.
Supposed to turn into snow sometime tonight.

I am missing my Mother like crazy.

I have no Christmas spirit, yet..

I watched the new Alice in wonderland this morning and enjoyed it.

Mandatory OT at work now, min 10hrs a week.

My cell phone really sucks the battery down when I use the mp3 function on it.

I've decided I like Reddog beer. Cheap, but tasty.

I died my hair and don't like it. Might do a post about that.

They are getting rid of Internet usage at work after Jan 1st.

The Hubby wants to get Chyann a new puppy.

The calves are now weaned.

Their mama's are looking good.

I want my eldest son to get motivated about college.

I want to win the lottery.

I am discouraged with blogging.

I need a new couch.

I want a windsurf board!

I am irritated that the corn next door hasn't been harvested yet.

and that is all, for now.
Good night.


Aunt Krissy said...

No puppies! You will end of taking care of it, like you do all the other critters. Yes, you need a new couch. Maybe Santa will get you one? Sorry about not being happy with blogging. Maybe you're in a "funk' and just need to not worry about blogging. I was and still am going through a phase where I don't feel like blogging.

tainterturtles said...

No, no Kellie, I love your blog. You did the best blog comment ever tonight. REALLY!

You just need a real-homemade margarita! That will make you feel better.

crochet lady said...

Some days are just one sentence days for sure. Maybe tomorrow will be brighter.

Don't get stressed out about blogging. It's supposed to be fun...take a break if you need to. Sometimes I take a week off.