Saturday, November 27, 2010

What?! It's Saturday!

Three days off in a row!
I'm loving it!!

Woke up this morning and for a brief moment thought I was late for work, but soon remembered that It was only Saturday and I was off.

Sure is a chilly one out there today.
Only about 7*, but oh soo sunny it hurts your eyes!

Didn't do much yesterday.
Watched a lot of the James Bond 48 hour movie marathon.
Was quite nice to camp on the couch and do nothing.
Oh, well I did do one load of clothes, but that probably doesn't count cuz they are still in the dryer needing to be folded.

Went to some of our friend's house last night for a few hours. Drank some beer and had a nice visit. The kids piled into the hot tub and came out shriveled up like raisins.

Speaking of raisins, I was complaining about how much my poor hands hurt from being on the computer all the time and was worrying that I was developing arthritis. My friend said her Grandmother used this old remedy of gin soaked raisins to help her arthritis and she had recently seen a Dr Oz program with him giving that remedy rave reviews. Guess I'm going to have to get me some gin and give this a try.

No big plans for today, or at least I don't think so and it's back to the grind for me tomorrow.

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Aunt Krissy said...

I have heard about that remedy too. But I think that you can use any type of booze, maybe rum would taste better? Did you shop on black friday?