Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oh, Casey!

Could it be true?!
Could you really be "recovering"?!

(can you see the fine layer of ice on the porch?)

Chyann's beloved pup came outside with me this morning and I got the pleasure of seeing her get up and "walk" around some.

Her "walk" is an interesting shuffle/skip/pull, but she is upright and doing it all on her own. She does not do this all the time, but we are seeing it more and more. Very impressive!

Another busy week has gone by.
After being at work 10+ hrs a day I sure don't feel like sitting at the computer when I get home.

The gun deer season opened yesterday, lots of shots heard in our neck of the woods and anywhere you go, there are deer in the back of trucks.

We are missing our rooster and three hens. Don't know what happened to them, maybe whatever got the turkey came back for some chicken. Krissy has recently lost a rooster at her place too. Could be coyotes I guess or the neighbors dog.

This morning we have some freezing rain coating everything. Good day to say home. I'm going to watch football and do some baking. Recharge a bit for the coming week as we origionally were going to be off for Thanksgiving, Fri, Sat and Sun. Now all I'm sure of is Thanksgiving. I'm already scheduled to be there on Sunday. Hopefully no other days will be added.

The kids are already talking about putting the Christmas tree up and I'm like how can it already be that time of year?! A few gals at work are all bragging about how they are already done Christmas shopping and I've barely thought about what I need to get for the kids this year.
Damn, guess I'd better get on the stick!!

Also a VERY Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law up in AK!! AND congratulations to her on completing her BACHELORS degree this week!! I am so proud of you Ebeth!!


tainterturtles said...

Just look at Casey! I am surprise however that Casey didn't slide right off your steps this morning. The ice at my house was bad and I couldn't even drive into church this morning. I hate ice!

Winter is here to stay.

Aunt Krissy said...

Christmas?! Now way! Casey is doing so well, glad that you didn't go the other route.

PAK ART said...

It's hard to know with dogs isn't it? We put Maryann down because she had nerve damage in hips, and vet told us she wouldn't recover....but I bet no one (except Chyann) thought Casey would recover either. Good for him!