Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nice day to be outside

Last week was long, 10hours of sitting on my arse everyday.

You wouldn't think that would be a hardship, but let me tell you it is.
Your back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands - ok, everything will eventually get sore and then I begin to squirm. Looking for that sweet spot that will relieve the ache and not make another area sore too.

The whole building got new chairs on Friday and hopefully that will help with my aches. The chair is made with all new space age technology to be ergonomically good for you.
All I know at this point is it cups the buns nicely!

Therefor I spent as little time as possible in the house yesterday.
Got the minimal of indoor chores done, talked to the phone while doing those chores to catch up with my Mother and Krissy, then it was outside till dark.

Casey came too. Chyann made her a coat to help keep her warm.

I tell ya she sure loves using her cart. She continues to show improved muscle strength and can a few times a day, get herself into a standing position for minutes at a time, but when she goes to take a step, down she comes.

Chyann gotta love on all the her babies. Scotch is her current favorite, as he is liking to jump as much as she.

I rode Jenny and had so much fun. She has progressed so much since last spring and I am loving that. Hopefully we can keep all the horses ridden throughout the winter. It'll be hard though as Chyann will be unable to ride for about 3-4 months come January due to an operation she is having. More on that later.

Caden had a buddy over and they wanted to take down the sunflower stocks and can we use a hatchet? Sure you can take them down, but not in this lifetime will I let you use a hatchet to do it. Not that I don't trust Caden with one, but the buddy -- I don't think so.
Here is what I'm left with now.

A look from the back pasture South.

Jeez, I sure with the neighbors would hurry up and get this corn harvested! Almost all the corn in our area has been done, but this field and the one across the street. What's up with that?

Caden and Chyann under the willow.

What a pretty boy.

Since we got the basement cleaned and organized last weekend we were able to play pool in the basement. That was a lot of fun!

The Hubby and Colton got a bunch of wood hauled yesterday.

Today I am making some sourdough bread, as that has been my thing here lately, cookies, maybe watch a little football and go riding again. Chyann is trying to talk her Daddy into coming with us - it's been so long since he's ridden she thinks it'll do him good.


tainterturtles said...

Wow, working 10 hours a day is not fun, and I hear ya about sitting on the bum that long. Since working at my job for 10 years, I've gained 15 pounds.

crochet lady said...

Those are really long days, now wonder your bum is sore. The new chairs sound nice.

Looks like you had a good time enjoying the outdoors. I always kind of wished that I had learned to ride horses. They are such beautiful animals.

Aunt Krissy said...

Sounds like you have a full weekend. SO happy to to know that your butt is now cupped! Did the hubby go with you all?