Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunsets, puppies, snow and more

Somehow it's Sunday again.

It's been another busy week.
Saw this sunset the other night and ran out to get some shots of it.

Absolutely lovely!

The Hubby's quest for a puppy for Chyann has more become a quest for a family puppy since Chyann has got it into her head that her Daddy wants this new puppy to be Casey's replacement.

So, Colton's girlfriend has a Chihuahua and mini-dachshund mix puppies
(same kind Casey is)
and we went over to look at them.

There are 3 black with a little brown and white females (that look just like Casey did when she was a pup).

A very sweet brown male that Caden wanted soo bad (that little guy was already spoken for though).

An adorable gray and white female that I thought was the cutest.

And this little guy, you can barely see the little freckles on his nose, but they are there.

And would you look at those fun spots. Colton was there when the pups were born and named this one Snoopy.

Pretty cute little buggers.

Anyhow.. they are only five weeks old and we shall see what happens.
I know we don't need anymore poopers and pee'ers in my house.

Winter has arrived here in the form of snow. Yesterday morning when I went out to start the van for work I ended up also sweeping off about 3 inches of freshly fallen snow. Just what I wanted to do - drive to work on a Saturday in the dark on unplowed country roads. I credit my Alaskan driving skills to getting me there in one piece as all the crazy WI drivers were out trying to run themselves and me into the ditch!

Chyann has recovered from her ear infections, thankfully and has declared that she WILL NOT miss anymore school because making up all that homework was a pain. I think that is wishful thinking as I know she will be missing at least three weeks in Feb when she has her operation.

Caden and his buddies at school have been banned from playing football on recess due to being excessively rough (tackeling) for two weeks. That is a huge thing for him and his buds as they LOVE to play football.

Colton and his band have been booked to play a big venue in Milwaukee in Feburary!

They are sooo EXCITED!!

For the longest time The Hubby and I didn't think the boys even had a name for the band, but they just didn't want to tell us what it was. When we finally found out the name we were appaled. No I wont even tell you the name.

So, now they have this big concert at a well known venue. I told Colton that they will NEVER go far with that kind of a band name and that I had actually told a few friends the name and they all agreed - bad name.

Colton passed this info onto the band members and it looks like they are all in agreement to change to name!! I can't tell you how happy I am to hear this!

Last I heard the new name was going to be Orchard Wardens, which I really like.
I have no idea what it means or even if it has any significance to anything.

I'm going to do some Christmas baking today and maybe help load wood into the basement.

Happy Sunday to you:)


PAK ART said...

I think it's funny that you don't want any poopers or pee'ers in the house, yet you went to look at puppies. It's going to happen. I vote for the spotted one. It's awfully cute! Hurray for the name change - can only imagine what it is, but if he wants someone to print it on a billboard it can't be too offensive. They could always be "the band formerly known as (insert symbol)."

crochet lady said...

Oh gosh, golly I love that spotted one!

Good for Colton and that's good they took your advice and changed their name....I can only imagine what the original title was?

Aunt Krissy said...

I know what the title was/is and it was BAD, double B bad! Kellie, i'm glad that they cahnged it, I did go to You Tube and I saw a band with tha same name! I'm pretty sure it was not Coltans band. So I don't think that the name would have worked out in the long run anyhow.
No poopers or pee'ers in your house! You clean enough of that already!

Anonymous said...

I vote for Snoopy!!