Sunday, July 12, 2009


Today was nice and busy.

My favorite flowers and horse thing.

We got the garden all weeded again...

Yes, I have a chair in my garden.
I like to sit down and pull weeds.
Less wear and tear on my poor knee.
For those of you who don't know, I dislocated my right knee
four years ago (got kicked by a horse) and it's
never been the same.
Colton taking a break.
Anyhow, look at that corn!!
Around here we say if your corn is knee high by the 4th of July
it's doing good. Ours was a little taller than knee high on the 4th,
so hopefully we will have a bumper crop this year.

Chyann found this little bird in the yard on the way to the barn.

The parents were flying around our heads really making a racket.

We looked all over for the nest and finally found it about 25 feet up
a pine tree.

Chyann climbed the ladder and put the baby back.
The nest was tiny, about the size of a small coffee cup and
in it were two other baby birds. They were so cramped that
the one Chyann put back had to stand on the backs of the others.

We watched until ma and pa bird came back.
They didn't get in the nest, just stood on the branches next to it.

You can't really see the nest, but it's up there.

On another note..
One of our neighbors showed up with a pair of pheasants.

Apparently Cal decided the turkeys (I forgot to mention that the kids brought them
back from OK when they came home), needed some friends so
now we have pheasants.

We have put them in a mobile outdoor pen.
They needed some shade so Cal cut a plastic barrel to hang in the pen.

But first the kids decided to roll down the driveway in it.

You should have heard the screams!
I was sure someone had gotten hurt...

But no, they said it was better than a ride at the fair!

Did you notice in the first picture that Chyann was by the opening?
And now Caden is the first one out?

They got pretty tossed around in there.


crochet lady said...

Hey I like that chair idea in the garden!

Oh, a baby bird. We tryed nursing one for a while a few years ago, but it didn't live.

I think I would have thrown up in the barrel! Oh to be a kid again.

Aunt Krissy said...

See? Why spend money at the fair when your kids can have some good fun like that.

PAK ART said...

I'm glad to see your kids having fun on the farm! They don't look coddled at all - weeding, climbing trees, riding horses, driving and rolling down hills in plastic tubs. I'd have puked for sure.
I'm glad Chyann was able to save the little bird.

charity said...

I miss them soooo...Funny because I feel like I miss Cayden and I have never seen him. Please come visit me!