Friday, July 17, 2009

Walkabout cows

I got a late start on my day today
sleeping in till an almost unheard of
I was enjoying my first cup of coffee and reading my book
trying to wake up when
I notice a few vehicles up on the main road slowing down and
one or two honking their horns.
I'm guessing it is our neighbors dumb dog Emma
up on the road again.
Why she hasn't been hit yet is beyond me,
because she will lay right on the center line.
Vehicles will honk at her and some folks
even stop to pick her up and deliver her to our house
thinking she is ours.
Anyhow, I'm running behind now so I head out to the barn to
feed the animals before I have to get ready for work.
As I climb the ladder into the barn I hear a cow moo,
turning around what do I see?
Lily and baby Molly up on the freaking road!!
I race back to the house and wake Colton up so he can help me
get them back in before they get hit by a car, escape into the woods or
trample through planted fields.
I get a bucket of corn to lure them with. Lily is not interested in
anything but the fresh sweet grass, so I get
up behind her and Molly and start trying to shoo them in the right direction.
It took about 40minutes and a few wrong directions,
but we finally got them back in their pen.
The fence was not down anywhere, but there was a stretched out area that
must have been their escape route.
Funny Cal and I were just ragging on a friend the other day that
can't keep his cows in. That's Murphy's law for you I guess.

The little Houdini herself..

I wasn't late for work, but I really had to scramble to be on time.

Also, I delivered the Chief his stuff and did not tell him about the pants.
He gave me some more sewing today so all must be well.


tainterturtles said...

Your Houdini cows are famous! Better be careful cuz they might try another amazing trick like that. Molly looks so sweet.

How can I keep a straight face when I see the Chief on Tuesday? Mums the word!

Hopefully everything has gone well at work...thanks for holding the fort down while I was gone.

crochet lady said...

Molly looks so innocent, with her big ears and pink nose.

Mr. Chief won't even notice anything went amiss I'm sure.

PAK ART said...

I'm curious if you get paid to do all this sewing for the police dept or do you do it just because you are nice? I've said a few things in my life and then it's happened to me. Murphy's Law, Karma or something. I said something about 3 years ago about someone's young unmarried daughter getting pregnant and then just a few weeks later my daughter calls to tell me she's pregnant. I'm not making that kind of mistake again! No snide comments about anyone!