Sunday, May 14, 2017

The BIG day!

The culmination of five years of hard work was upon us.

We got up at the ass crack of dawn to arrive at the college at 710a.
Yes, we were one of the first ones there; we got good parking and the best seats.
Course that meant some sitting and walking around time until the ceremony started at 9a.

The kids goofing around on our way into the school.

Chyann's boyfriend came too.

The graduates were in one gym getting ready while the families were in another huge sports facility.
Caden and I found Colton when we were out on a walk and got a few pictures.

Finally the time had come.
The ceremony will full of pomp and circumstance, the traditions of the collage.
In total it was about two hours long.
The man presenting the diploma was a professor that Colton had for quite a few classes throughout the years.

Walking back to his seat.
He undid the top button of his shirt because he was so hot and forgot to re-button it lol

Afterward a few family pictures.

If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time you'll remember that we always took a first day of school picture of Colton and the kids at his dorm when he lived there and it seemed fitting to get a graduation day photo too.

Can't even tell you how proud we are of him.
Hell of an accomplishment!

Topped the day off with a gathering of friends to celebrate the occasion.

A wonderful day.

Now the real world awaits.

Happy Mothers Day to the Mother's in my life.
I had a great day with all the kids home.
later :)


Ami said...

Fantastic! Wonderful time with the family and great pics. Congrats to your big kid, and your daughter's boyfriend is adorable. :)

Anonymous said...

You should be so proud of your kids. I've been following your blog for a bit and it's cool to see the kids grow up. My son wants to be a doctor, yet thinks he can do it without studying. Hopefully he'll wake up before it's too late! But it's great to see kids that actually do apply themselves to their studies.

Congratulate them for me! And tell them to keep up the good work!

Spring Peeper Farm

Nicole said...

I've followed you long enough that A) it doesn't seem like 5 years or more because I remember reading about him graduating high school, and B) What are his big plans for the real world?