Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday AM coffee

Dang it's cold out.
We've had some unusual weather this last week.
From almost 80* for Colton's party last Saturday to 37* this morning when I got up.

Severe thunder storms and tornados about 40 minutes North of us tearing up towns. We've had a ton of rain.
Not sure how much rain we've had since I can't find the rain gauge (guess I need to buy another one), but the willow has about of two inches of standing water around it.
Even with the cold temps the grass is growing and the yard needs to be mowed badly.

This weekend would have been Caden's first baseball tournament, but it was cancelled due to field conditions and more rain is expected today. As crazy busy as April was for baseball the crappy weather has caused more cancellations for games and practice than we've ever experienced. Some springs are just like that I guess. Makes me glad I resisted the urge to get the garden planted prior to Memorial Day weekend.

Did I mention the apple trees all blossomed for Colton's party last Saturday?
They bloomed when he graduated from High School too. What a coincidence.
With the rainy weather we didn't get to enjoy the scent of the blossoms for long unfortunately.

Chyann made the deans list last semester at college!
She is one dedicated student to make that happen and work at the same time.

School is winding down for Caden too. Six and a half school days until he is officially a FRESHMAN.
Imagine that.

And you know what? I signed him up for drivers ED in August. WOW, right?
He could have done it in June, but with his baseball schedule it would have been too hectic.
Time is flying folks.

later :)

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Nicole said...

What is the driving age up there? Tori can have her permit here because she lives over in Kansas. They can get their license at 15 but she's NOT ready for it. I'm not sure if her mom will let her get it or not... Here in MO you have to be 15 to get your permit and 16 for a drivers license.