Friday, May 12, 2017


Good Morning.
I am off today with the intent to make pies and other food, clean house and iron clothes in preparation for Colton's GRADUATION tomorrow!

Seating begins at 7a and its open seating so we should really be there no later than 715a. The kids line up at 8a and the ceremony starts at 9a.
We are going to have to get up early to make all that happen, like 4a. 

Chyann is home for the festivities.
She has had a successful first year of college and has a busy summer planned.
Nice to have her home for a week though.

A few pictures around the place.
Jennifer turned 13 last week. She is shedding and her palomino color is gorgeous.

Having a birthday snack in the field next door.

Everything is in bloom.
Which while beautiful has awoken my allergies.

The willow is majestic.
We've had a lot of rain this spring and have standing water at the base of the tree.
When I mowed for the first time last week I almost got stuck down there.
Tore up the lawn a bit, whoops.

Alright my coffee is gone.
Time to get moving.
Have a great weekend!

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Ami said...

You blogged! Love the photos. Jennifer looks like a sweetheart.

Good luck with the graduation, may no one trample you and may you get good photos. :)