Sunday, April 30, 2017

April is done

April sure flew by.

April consisted of a snot load of rain, a bit of snow and wind.
Man the wind has blown constantly it seems.
Working outside between the rain and cold has been problematic, but I've managed to get all my trees trimmed. The driveway trees took the most time. Now I will be able mow under them without risking decapitation or loosing an eye due to a random branch. The apple and plum trees should be more fruitful now since I thinned the crap out of them.

Our old boy Scotch proves that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence by continually escaping the pasture to mow the yard for me. The Hubby has been fixing one section of fence after another and still he escapes. It would be nice to put up a whole new fence, but I don't see that in the cards at this point. Good thing Scotch never really goes too far. The ground has been so soft though that he is gouging up the yard something terrible. No idea how we'll smooth it out. jeesh.

Baseball season has started. Currently just practice four or five days a week but soon the games will begin.

The highlight of my month was our school talent show.
Somewhere or another I've mentioned that Caden taught himself to play the ukulele over the winter and sing the Elvis song take my hand. 
Both the big kids came home to see him perform.
Prior to the show Mom has to take some pictures.
No one was real enthused, but you'd think they'd be used to this by now.

Waiting inside for the doors to open so we could get a front row seat.
Doesn't Chyann look so happy?
This last year she has really grown and is a wonderful young lady.

If I could get figure out how to compress the video I'd post it. UGH!
Damn the kid was good!
And he won!
I thought he had a good shot to win, but I don't think he really considered winning.
He was shocked!
Proud siblings looking on.
It was wonderful!
We are so thrilled for him!! What an accomplishment!

Picture of him on stage.
Hell of a night.
I watch the video daily.
Feeling a bit cranky, sad, sick, whatever?
Makes me feel good.
I watch the video and let me tell you, I know life is wonderful.

Chyann finishes her first year of college the first week of May.
Crimaney that went fast!
She will be home in about 13 days for a mini-vacation before she heads back for summer college and work.

May 13th will be a HUGE event for our family.
Colton will graduate from college!
Nostalgia rules my waking thought - happy memories of this boy/man.
The world is his oyster.
He can do anything.
My favorite picture of us taken last time he was home.

Hope all is well in your world.
later :)

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Ami said...

Awesome photos. Everyone looks pretty happy, especially you.

You *could* put the video on YouTube... just sayin'.