Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday AM coffee

Coffee is good today.
I actually slept in till the unheard of hour of 9a. 
Didn't even hear Colton leave for work. 
He has a temporary job at a local farm helping out with crops and such. 
In his free time he is the cat walker.
Silver loves to go out and lay in the grass. 

We've had some beautiful sunsets recently.
We were on the edge of a big storm just North of us that produced this interesting cloud.

Our boy got his cast off and has started PT.
He was surprised by the decreased range of motion and muscle loss.
In the two weeks of PT though he has regained almost all his range of motion so that is good.
He is diligent in doing his stretches and exercises. 
First part of August he will see the doctor again and we'll see what happens next. 
Fall baseball and fall travel league are both coming up. 
He wants to play so badly. I don't think his Daddy wants him to play at all again this season. I say lets keep an open mind. See what the doctor says. It's not like he'll be released and go back to playing right away anyhow. He will still need PT - have to learn how to throw all over again correctly and that will take time. I don't want to completely rule it out right now.

Anyhow his team participated in the state tournament last weekend.

Caden kept the book and learned a lot.
Baseball is a game of numbers and averages. 

The boys mugging it up before their last game.
Unfortunately they didn't make it past the second round of eliminations.

They had some close exciting games though!

The kids hanging out on the back porch enjoying the nice weather last weekend. 
Chyann is back from her vacation and enjoying a few days at home before heading back to St Cloud.

Made my first batch of sweet and spicy pickles last night.
Still haven't had a ripe tomato yet. Think they are behind due to all the wet cool weather we had earlier in the season and I didn't plant any early girls or 4th of July varieties.
Soon though. Very soon.
Can't wait for that first tomato sandwich. 

Later :)

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Nicole said...

Tori has been having knee problems. She had 2 options, wear a brace to try and correct or surgery. She really gave her mom fits about wearing the brace and I told her she didn't want surgery. She didn't even take her brace when we went to Oklahoma to ride horses for a week and was in pretty heavy pain. I can't convince her though that surgery isn't what she wants. So seeing that Caden was surprised at how much muscle/range of motion he lost, I don't think she realizes that is what will happen. Mark had to have his leg reconstructed when he was in his 20's and it was 5 years or so before he got full range of motion and he still doesn't have it. I keep telling her if she doesn't believe me talk to her dad. Too bad you guys don't live here and I could convince her with caden.