Sunday, September 3, 2017

Released and High School

 Happy Sunday!

It is going to be a beautiful day here. Low 80's and blue skies. 
Sounds like this may be our last hot day for a while. Next weeks forecast shows several days that we wont even hit 60*. I suppose it is September and all that, but I'm not ready for the summer to be done.

Caden was released last week to play baseball.
Right side infield only - which is second or first base. 
No short stop at this time.
Which is just fine.

He was nervous. This was the same field he broke his arm on.
He made a great showing with good hits and fast plays at second base.

Best part of the night for me was the drive home.
You should have heard him.
He was so animated and talked so fast!
Had so many things to tell us. 
How he did this, how that felt.
His excitement and happiness filled me up.
When we were almost home he paused for a few minutes and then says I have a new appreciation for baseball Mom and Dad. I don't ever want to loose this feeling. 

We thought that would be the last night for the fall league for him, but he got a call the next day asking if he could sub in for another team that was short players. Absolutely!
But that meant no going to town and getting a professional hair cut for the first day of school, so he got a "house cut" in 10 minutes. Doesn't look too bad if I don't say so myself lol

Two more games on Thursday and he had so much fun!

And the next day - Freshman year began!
High School folks!
Hard to believe.

Hope you all have a great SAFE holiday weekend :)

I'm off to pick tomatoes.
The salsa awaits.


Ami said...

Love the 'first day' photo... arms out, well here I am, Mom!

I'm glad he's able to play again. And full of admiration for someone who does canning, I never learned how to do anything but make jelly/jam.

Nicole said...

Hard to believe high school. You kind of timed that all just right on those... high school, high school, then high school :).