Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday, Sunday.

Today is much cooler than yesterday.
I'd say damn cold actually at 61*, a dew point of 48 and a stiff breeze.
 Burrrr. The big heat is gone for the time being. 

Yesterday was about as perfect of a day as I could ask for though.
Hot, humid and no storms.
I got a little weeding done early.
My Lori garden is in heavy bloom.

Dodger is feeling much better. About back to his usual self.

I am trying something different with my garden this year. 
After we tilled, leveled, got rid of as many weeds as we could I planted my tomatoes and pepper plants then I put down landscape fabric. The hose will do the watering when it doesn't rain and does double duty holding down the landscape fabric. I'm not sure if I should put straw/hay on top of the fabric. Its been down a week now and I can see weeds growing under it, some of which are trying to push through the fabric. The idea behind the landscape fabric was me hoping I'd have to do less weeding. So I guess we'll see how this works out.

Tater got the pleasure of swimming and riding on the air mattress with Caden.

Dodger wanted to get in the pool so bad, but never got the courage up to jump in on his own.

Meanwhile a state away our girl was exploring the Mississippi river.

It's only Sunday morning and I already don't want to go to work tomorrow.

See ya.


Nicole said...

You don't want to go back to work and I'm trying to find a job. ironic huh?

tainterturtles said...

I'll be interested to hear if you like the landscape fabric. Summer is moving along fast...I hope Chyann enjoys her last days at home before she leaves for college.