Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday AM coffee

Hot summer weather has arrived and with it some freaking intense storms!
We only caught the edge of it yesterday afternoon, but a few communities near us really got hammered. 
I don't think today will be as hot, maybe 90* and high humidity. 

This last week has been all about baseball. 

A little video of our boy.
Note to self: after applying sunblock try not to touch your phones camera lens.  

Coming in for the teams only run scored this game.

Game in another town against a team that four of his Wheeler teammates play on.
The boys can't wait for the Wheeler team to start playing again, which will be on July 2nd.

Did I mention Caden got a job? Yep, when he is not playing ball he is umping other games and getting paid. How cool is that?

Jennifer spying on me while I was mowing. 
Yes, again I managed to get crap on my phones lens. This time I think it was sweat lol
The Hubby put new tires, that are the CORRECT size on the lawn mower and WOW does that make a difference. It turns like a dream now instead of like an old truck with no power steering. I got the yards mowed in record time this week between games and before the heat arrived yesterday.

Ol' Dodger had a traumatic day earlier in the week. 
He likes to get under the fence I have around my compost pile and have a snack - why I do not know. It's not like there is anything good a dog would want to eat - fruit rinds, tater peals, coffer grounds and all that. Anyway while rooting through there he got stung/bit by something that caused his ear flap to swell up like you wouldn't believe. I dosed him big time with benadryl until we were able to get him into the vet. Thankfully he didn't have to have his ear flap drained, but did get multiple shots and a plug of antibiotics/steroids in his ear that will dissolve in the course of a week.  

The plug of gunk doesn't allow him to hear out of that ear and he doesn't like that.
I swear while at the vet he must have lost about five pounds of hair. He was so scared and shivery. 

Chyann is coming home on Thursday afternoon!
I can't hardly wait to see her!!!
She mentioned that maybe we should ride horses while she is home.
I'm game, but those nags we've got are about wild so that should make for an interesting ride.
Sounds like Colton is also going to come home next weekend. 
It is Father's Day after all. 
Pretty sweet that they both want to be here for that.

later :)

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Nicole said...

haha... I was excited for you when you said the kids were coming home. How weird am I? haha! :). oh and I've commented so many times, it now thinks that I am a robot.