Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday AM coffee

I started the month out with good intentions to blog more.
 10 a month at a minimum, but that didn't quite work out. Eh, I'll keep working on it.

We've had some amazing sunsets in the last few weeks. 
This one is so oddly beautiful to me. 

Baseball continues to keep us running all over the state.
One of my favorite pictures of Caden sliding into home plate. Suspended in mid air.

Then digging in the dirt.

And he was safe. 
This was the longest night of baseball to date. 
A double header with the first game lasting an unheard of 2 hours and 45 minutes!
We were all ready to go home after this game, but nope there was one more to play. 
The next game was over much quicker, still we didn't get home that night until 1130pm.

All the kids came home for Father's Day and it was so wonderful having them all home. The weather was hot so we spent most of the weekend in and out of the pool. 

Kitty on the roof of the tack room.

The neighbors planted hay in the field next door this year. It is coming in really well.
Chyann and I did ride a little last weekend. It was fun. Didn't ride long as it was so damn buggy and hot.

Chyann is home again this weekend too.
She came for my birthday. 
Yes that also means we are six months from Christmas folks. 
I had the pleasure of having to renew my drivers license this year. What a pain in the butt that was. Not to mention the fact that I previously had the BEST drivers license picture ever taken in the history of the world and now I've got one where I look all growly and mean. For some reason they had me take my glasses off for the picture too, which I found kinda weird. I'll have that yucky picture until I am the ripe old age of 53. Ish I can't imagine that.

My gardens are growing well. Lots of tomatoes and peppers set. I can't wait for that first ripe tomato and that first tomato sandwich.

I'm off to do some weeding in the small garden where I haven't laid that black landscape fabric down and am totally regretting that. Maybe if I get it all weeded today I'll get some down. Really makes a difference in the weed population. 

Later :)


Ami said...

LOVE the sunset photo.
Everyone in the pool except Dodger. :)

Hope you have a good week!

Anonymous said...

I have to renew my licence this month also. Yuk. Not sure how long yours stays valid, but ours it's 6 years. So that's a long time with a crappy photo. Oh and I keep saying I'm going to blog every week. Yeah right.

Spring Peeper Farm

Nicole said...

So in Missouri you used to get your drivers license same day. Now you have to have it mailed to you... how does WI do it? And because you know about baseball.... Tori decided to play softball this year. They were trying to teach her how to slide in to home and instead of sliding, she did a summersault. She's been made fun of for that ever since.