Thursday, July 14, 2016

What's happening?

This and that, but mostly it's been baseball or mowing going on here. 

We've had a painful season with the school team, but I suppose that is probably a good learning experience for Caden. Although I'm sure he'd disagree with that. 
That's him and his best buddy - the one on second base. 

After his last game with the school team.
 Surely that rainbow means a better season next year.
I'm trying to talk the Hubby into being a coach so we'll see. 

The other morning I was starting up my work computer and realized the sky was on fire!
I ran downstairs and took some amazing pictures.
This is looking towards the North West from the front yard.
The red seemed to be bleading down in waves.
I've never seen anything like it.
Freaking incredible.
While I snapped pictures it started to sprinkle and the sky towards the South West started changing so I ran to the back porch. 

And see this amazing sight!
Purple and blue sky with a rainbow.
Gorgeous right?

What do the old sailors say?
Red sky in the morning sailors take warning. Red sky at night sailors delight.
Or is it the other way around?

Anywho between baseball games, practicing and hauling Caden to and from games to ump there hasn't been a lot of time unaccounted for. 

I have kept up with the mowing and gardening though.
My tomato and hot peppers are looking good. 
I don't think I'm going to do the black landscape fabric next year though. Maybe it would have worked better if I'd had a completely weed free area to start with, but I didn't. The weeds grow freely under the fabric and the fabric puffs up like a pillow would. It absolutely creeps the shit out of me to walk on that puffy crap. With every step I'm convinced that I'll be stepping on a snake under all that mess. 

I've even managed to get two solo rides in on Scotch. 
The first trip out was a dream. He was perfect which I totally didn't expect.
Second trip out he got spooked by the neighbors cows emerging from the forest. He never spooks big, but once he gets spooked he is ready to head home. Might take him out again tomorrow and see how he does. 

Beegee had to come too. It was a beautiful day for a ride. 
The hay field is coming in nicely.

This is my favorite time of year here.
Hot, humid, lush and green. 

Wheeler ball starts again on Saturday and we are all excited about it!
It's been way too long of a hiatus for those boys.

Later alligator :)


Nicole said...

Those morning sky pictures are gorgeous and that first one looks like you can see the sky moving. It's crazy!

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome pictures!! And the quote is "Red sky at night sailors delight. Red sky in the morning sailors take warning". And a little tidbit. That quote is actually from the Bible. So it's been around a while. 😉

Spring Peeper Farm

tainterturtles said...

Those are wonderful pictures Kellie, especially the "on fire" sky. Whenever Bike man and I drive by your place, we wave. I love this time of year too, but I'm also looking forward to my snowshoe walks in the woods!!!