Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday AM coffee

My week in review...

Earlier in the week Caden had bronchitis, what we thought was strep throat and a sinus infection. Good thing we had a whopper of a snow storm that closed school for a day so he didn't miss too much school.
Found out yesterday that the strep culture came back negative. The docs think he is actually dealing with chronic tonsillitis. Great. Colton had that too and he was miserable with it until he had his removed. 
Funny thing about tonsils Chyann's are freaking huge, so huge that when inflamed they almost touch but she has never had "tonsillitis" only strep. The boys both have tiny tonsils and chronic tonsillitis. How does that work?

In between the snow storm and rotten weather we've had some absolutely gorgeous sunrises.

The sky looked like it was on fire. It was incredible.

We broke down and purchased a new oven this weekend. 
The old one had problems with uneven baking and the coil burners kept going out. The variety of ovens available on the market today is mind boggling. If gas were an option I'd have went with one of those, but electric is what we are working with at this time. Very few stores actually have the product available in stock to take home that day and to order one could take three to six weeks. How that is possible in this day and age I do not know. So my options to take an oven home that day were limited to a few. I ended up with a black smooth top that has five burners and a  convection oven with a 10 year manufactures warranty - which was exactly what I wanted so I totally lucked out.

You know your kids are growing up when you purchase a new appliance and have this HUGE BOX sitting in the living room for hours and not one of them wants to play in it. sigh. 
The cats did explore it for a while though.

Superbowl Sunday has arrived. I don't care who wins, just hoping for a good game. Guess I'd better get busy making some jalapeno popper dip and other goodies to eat during the game.
Enjoy :)

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Anonymous said...

I made jalepeno popper dip too.. what is your recipe? I just used Mayo, Cheddar Cheese, cream cheese, a little mustard and jalepenos..
it was ok.. but not great.

I'm sure you will put your new oven/stove to good use!