Sunday, February 14, 2016

Vday and more

It's Valentines day and I'm making cinnamon rolls for the family this AM. Chocolate chip cookies for the Hubby and a banana chocolate swirl cake for the kids. 
A little homemade love baked up in the new oven, which I totally love!
My cast iron skillets are a bit slower to heat up but cook really well on the smooth top and the aluminium skillets heat up super fast - if you aren't paying attention you'll burn shit quick. 

Damn it's been cold this last week. 
With any luck we've seen the last of subzero nights until next winter. Probably not likely, but I can hope. 

Caden had a great week wrestling! 
The next few weeks will be mostly practices which will be a nice break because when March rolls around it's going to get super crazy.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I believe having good sportsmanship is essential when involved in sports. 
Win or loose your attitude defines who you are. Those moments you are raw with overflowing emotion show people what you are made of. 
Caden didn't realize it until after the match was over, but one of his opponents bit him on the arm hard enough to leave individual bruises from each of his teeth - both upper and lower. Not to mention scratched the crap out of him. Now that is tacky. Not to mention gross. Bite a kid because he is winning? Reminds me of that boxer who bit his opponents ear during a fight. ish. 

Because this last week has been so busy, running all over the state for wrestling we picked up Pizza Hut pizza for dinner on Thursday  night. They had some good deals and we ended up getting four pizzas to take home. After we had eaten, we had two pizzas left over which we decided to eat the next night for dinner since we'd be busy again Friday after work and I knew I wouldn't feel like cooking. Into the beer fridge they went.

Imagine our surprise when we returned home late, hungry and tired to find that somehow Ol' Dodger managed to OPEN THE FREAKING REFRIGERATOR DOOR AND EAT ALL THE PIZZA!
Is he really that smart? or did someone leave the door open a bit and he nosed his way in?
We may never know and I suppose it doesn't really matter the pizza was gone. Good thing he didn't get into the other fridge and eat the roast I had thawing in there though.

Check out the display of beer we saw the other day at the store - Good ass beer! Who knew lol 

Gorgeous sunset the other night.

Have a good one :)


tainterturtles said...

OMG Kellie, Dodger ate the pizzas??? Wasn't he sick or something afterwards? That is so weird. I bet you all were just shocked to see the refrigerator door open. That is one well-fed dog, hee, hee!

Wow, Caden is really learning a lot about sportsmanship....the good and the bad. I just can't believe that kid bit Caden. I hope you got his name written down. I think HIS coach should hear about this boys behavior during competition. Have a good week Kellie. We're getting that much closer to spring.

Anonymous said...

Did you buy any of that good beer? Love your outfit..especially the matching box of wine :-)