Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday AM coffee

 I'm back online with a new to me computer, compliments of my brother. Thank you Jeff!

 It is quite a pain in the ass to get all your computer related junk transferred to a new set up and learn all the different features. I'm not very technologically advanced so I do a lot of head scratching, calling help lines and bugging the daughter for assistance. Not to mention I accidentally broke our old router and had to get a new one too. 
It's been a long week, but I think everything is coming around. 

One of my favorite childhood pictures of my brother and I. 
Our dog Bear and her pups Wolfie and Snowball. 

It was a slow week for wrestling, only one tournament which Caden took 3rd in. 
The kid took quite a beating - bloody nose, black eye, fat lip and knots on his head. 
The other boys just had a bit more experience and that made the difference. 
I think there are valuable lessons to be learned when you lose. Our boy just has to find a way to apply that knowledge in future matches. 

It was incredibly warm for January yesterday. It got up to 46* at our house. What little snow we have is melting. I even had the windows open for a while and got rid of that stuffy winter air. Being able to do that for a little while felt wonderful. Today wont be as warm, but it will be close. I may even take ol' Scotch out for a ride later. 

We put out bird feeders for the first time this winter. I am amazed and the amount and variety of birds that visit our feeders. Big, little and all sizes in between. Some of the colors are so vivid and bright against the bland winter landscape. The cats are enjoying the birds as well. They camp out in the window sills facing the feeders and watch for hours at a time. 

Have a good one :)


Ami said...

Awesome picture. I really need to get some of mine scanned.

I would have a really hard time watching one of my kids get beat up.
But it sounds like he really loves doing the whole sports thing. Tough kid. :)

Have a good week, good luck with all the computer shit!!

tainterturtles said...

I think sports in school always teaches your kid some good values. Sorry to hear Caden got roughed up, but I bet that will make him stronger mentally and physically next time.

I'm loving this warmer weather, but felt bad to see our snow melting so fast. No worries however, a snowstorm is brewing....yippee! Glad you got a new computer system worked out. If you ever get stumped over a computer Bike man, or me!

Anonymous said...

Didn't I have some pretty babies too.