Saturday, February 20, 2016

Random bits of life

In comparison to last week when it was so windy and cold we are down right balmy now. Yesterday it rained and rained, which was even accompanied by some serious loud booming thunder and it scared the shit out of me! I totally didn't expect to hear that in February.

All that rain over snow with temperatures around 40* turned our drive way into a sheet of ice. The UPS guy of course came down our long driveway and immediately regretted it by sliding off into the yard. He kept it gunned and somehow managed to bull his way through the soft thick snow and back onto the driveway. Poor guy was a bit traumatized when I met him outside to retrieve my package lol

You know all this rain over snow means the barn is swamped with water. I spent a good chunk of time this morning pushing water out of it. Good thing the horses are happily spending the winter in the vacant cow barn or we'd have to get the water pump out to make the barn usable for them. What a pain in the ass folks.

We've only this winter began feeding the birds and I'm astounded by the amount of birds that now frequent our feeders. There are so many we end up filling the feeders two or three times a week. I love watching them from my office window and am looking forward to being able to have the windows open to hear them singing. I have no idea what kind they are, but they all sing and it's lovely. I've got to get a birds of Wisconsin book so I can figure out what they are.

Caden has had a quite wrestling week with only practices. Our school will be hosting a wrestling duel on the 3rd of March so a lot of planning is going on for that event. Parents and siblings of the wrestlers will be working concessions, clocks, admissions and all that fun stuff.

I like plants in my house, unfortunately the cats also like the plants. They enjoy eating them, digging in them and possibly using them as an alternate litter box. I could stand it no more and yes I realize this sounds awful BUT in an effort to save my plants I've had to take extreme measures....... Mouse traps in the plants with a tin foil over them so when the cats pounce into the plants they do not get bit by the traps but are scared to death and run for their lives! It seems after the first big scare they are now totally avoiding my plants. I'm calling that a big win when previously I was thinking I'd have to throw them out. My plants now have a chance to live and the cats were not harmed, just freaked out for a bit and now know to stay away from them.

News flash - 89 freaking days until the graduation people.

later :)

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