Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week in review

Good Morning. 

Yesterday was amazing!
High temperature of 54*. 
Water running every where.

Since we live on a hill, diverting water has become routine.
A few of my trenches.  

Dodger was intent to play ball.
 Where ever I was he was right behind me dropping the ball and hoping like hell that I throw it or kick it for him to chase.  

We played until he was pooped. 

Earlier in the week I fed the horses right around dark and apparently forgot to shut the gate. 
When the Hubby backed the van out of the garage the next morning he got the scare of a life time when he saw Scotch lurking in the shadows lol 

I figure he was out and about on his own for about eight hours. 
Around the house, up and down the driveway, digging around the compost pile, trying to get into the tack room, nibbling at the dead leaves under the willow tree. I'm sure he had a fine time exploring. Glad he didn't go far. 
No idea why Gypsy and Jennifer didn't decide to join him. When the Hubby put Scotch away he said they were just standing there by the open gate watching. Odd, but good.

Chyann received notification that she is officially in the to 10% of her graduating class!
How awesome is that!
During the graduation ceremony she will have the white satin sash denoting being a member of the National Honor Society and a second sash made of some sort of braided material denoting her being in the top 10% of her class!! 
She is one smart young lady!
We are so proud of her!!
She has been invited to attend a banquet in a nearby town honoring her and the other top 10% from our school and two others that are near. 

81 days folks.

Caden had a 24 hour virus or something Friday night and into Saturday.
Haven't seen him so sick in a long time. 
Hoping that is the last of it as he will need to be 100% for this coming week. 
Play practice, wrestling and a tourney at the school. 

He lost his last baby tooth the other day too. 
The last of our kids to reach that milestone.
Our boy is growing up. 

Today we are going to go see Colton. 
Can't wait to see him and give him a squeeze. 

Enjoy the day :)


tainterturtles said...

Well, Scotch had a little bit of freedom, but I'm happy to read he didn't do anything really run down highway 40!!!!

High-five to Chyann. She is one smart girl!!!

Hope Caden is feeling better from his 24-hour virus bug.

Nicole said...

Wow, you had snow, really?