Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thirsty Thursday

13 more shopping days till Christmas.
I'm a little further ahead than I was than the last time we spoke.
Not much, but a little. 
I sure love Amazon prime.
Only problem with online ordering is we actually have deliveries, which means Dodger acts like a big scary dog. Barking like a fool and looking menacing - the drivers all think he wants to eat them. 
Dodge has been spending some quality time with me during the day.
Check out the silhouette of the horse that sits in my window. 

We almost broke records today. 
It was up to 47* at our house before the rain began. 
Rain in December you say? Yep. 
I was talking to a gal at work on a call earlier - she said she hoped it hurried up and got cold so we'd have snow for Christmas. I said are you out of your mind?! No snow is a wonderful thing in my opinion. 

The view from my back porch last night. 

Tomorrow I'm going to see Caden and the 7 & 8 grade choir preform at our local nursing home. I'm really looking forward to it. 
Chyann is a bit cranky about it though. 
See since I work at home "my" vehicle has gotten sucked into the family collective. Which about 99.9999% of the time is not an issue; however on days like tomorrow I need wheels.
 I could use the truck, but it is full of wood that didn't get unloaded this week. The Hubby had an abscessed tooth that took off on him and he ended up having oral surgery on Tuesday so no, he didn't much feel like unloading the truck and I felt more like riding horses than unloading it. 
Chyann had the option of me chauffeuring her to school tomorrow or riding the bus. 
She chose the chauffeuring option, but as she says that's bullcrap.
Well whatever. 
She hasn't had to ride the bus all year so I'd call that pretty damn fortunate. 
Can you believe it's only a smidgen more than a month and she'll be 18?

later folks

1 comment:

Ami said...

Bullcrap, huh?
Well, good thing you didn't step in it. :)

My old dog used to scare people who came to the house until she got too old to notice. :)

I miss her.