Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday AM coffee

We've had wonderfully mild weather this weekend. 
It was damn near 50* yesterday. Probably wont get that warm today, but it'll be close. 
The only problem with this warmer weather is the Asian beetles/lady bugs and ticks. They are just not going AWAY! What a pain in the arse I tell you. 

I've made no traction on my Christmas to do list, but there is still time. 
19 days to be exact.
I may do some online stuff this morning while the cinnamon rolls rise. 
I got the kids' wish list this week. It tickled me to see that both the older kids had actual books on them.  

Speaking of books you know I previously worked at our local library. Friday night I attended a retirement/holiday party for my friend Lisa, the library director. 
She has been at the library promoting the love of books and the knowledge they bring, in our community for 15 years. 
We had a great time reminiscing about our past library adventures and even played a few fun games. 

My boy-o was a bit under the weather yesterday. He snuggled on the couch with the kitties and watched movies. Tis the season for germs to be spread. 
Sounds like he'll be attending the first wrestling dual next Saturday so he'd better get to feeling better ASAP!

We gave the ginormous piano we had in the dining room away last week too. 
A friends niece's son is thrilled to have it. 
The dining room looks impossibly huge and light now. 
I need to hang up some pictures, but may wait until after Christmas because I think we'll be doing some kind of kid picture for the Hubby and that will be the walls main focus. 

later :)

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Anonymous said...

Kellie. I miss you , love the rap Caden is so cute