Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday AM coffee

We had several inches of rain earlier in the week, complete with thunder, lightning and a brief power outage. 
Then the next day temps that barely made it to 20*.
A warm up is on the way for this coming week, possibly back up to the 40's if you can imagine that. 
No white Christmas here and that's just fine with me.

Finally made it out shopping this weekend. The crowds and traffic weren't as bad as I expected them to be thankfully. 
Chyann went with me Friday and Caden Saturday.
I enjoyed spending time with them so much. Talking about random stuff and singing along to the radio.
Chyann even bought me lunch and that thrilled the hell out of me!

Her graduation is fast approaching and is a reality people.
Made even more so by purchasing the cap/gown and tassel this week.


Wrapping, baking and doing the Christmas cards await me today.

Got a start on the cards last night, but didn't make it too far. 
I've got this address book that I've had for probably 20 years. It's got Pooh bear on the front.
The kids have all doodled in it - made their mark one might say. There are little notes in it next to their friends name, cute drawings of pickachu and horses, smiley faces and many practice attempts at writing cursive.
Lots of names in my book. 
Sad to see so many who have passed away and folks that we no longer keep in touch with. 
Time moves on and changes happen. Sometime we aren't even aware of it either.

The two big kids are done with their college finals!
Colton feels like he did well on all his finals except maybe one. 
He has had a tough first semester and it's finally over. 
We are sure proud of him taking on all that he has  - school full time and working almost full time hours for the first time. That's a lot for anyone to do.
He will be home on Wednesday evening for five whole days.
It will be wonderful having him home.
That feeling of contentment, having them all under the same roof. 
Knowing they are all safe and sound.

Chyann passed her final with a B and ended her first college tour with an A. 
She will be taking three classes next semester along with her regular high school courses. 

Chyann the cat charmer.
Picture from a few weeks ago.

Work has been busy recently and I'm really looking forward to having four day weekends for the next two weeks.

Have a good one :)

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Nicole said...

Shouldn't you have had lots of snow by now?