Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday AM coffee

I got up too early for a Sunday.
Being roused from sleep by the thumping and scurrying of cats tearing down the hallway is always annoying.
Come to find out though, one of them had caught a mouse and others wanted a piece of it too.
Lots of growling going on.
Least they are earning their keep by making sure those rotten mice have no opportunity to make a home in my house.  

We finally got the artificial tree up on Friday evening - not decorated yet, but it is UP.
Damn cats continue to try climbing it. 
This morning after disposing of the mouse I find that they have somehow removed/dislodged multiple branches from the tree and one of the branches is missing.
No idea where it is and how exactly they managed to drag it off remains a mystery.

It has been an interesting morning to be sure. 
It's raining again.
Might get up to two inches of rain within the next day or so. 
Good thing that's not snow or we'd be buried in it.

The middle school choir put on a wonderful concert at the nursing home on Friday. 

I attempted to upload a video of a song, but apparently it was too big of a file for my computer to load. Seriously what a pain in the ass. I attempt to open the file, it looks like the video will load but nope, the whole computer shuts down.
Restart-a-rama here.

Anyhow yesterday was the first of the seasons wrestling tournaments. 
Somehow I had forgotten how hard and fast my heart thunders when Caden steps out onto that mat to wrestle. 
I know he was nervy and didn't sleep well the night before. Anxious for the first real wrestling of the season I suppose.

This was the first tourney we'd been to outside of Regional's where they actually weighed each kid, inspected their nails and skin before checking them in. They even wrote their weight on their arms, not quite sure what that was about though. Caden weighted in at 87.7 and wrestled at 88. That is 10 pounds he has gained since March.

He almost had this match.
 He was ahead by 4 points when bang it was over and he'd lost by 1 point.
I'm proud of the fact that Caden has such good sportsmanship. Not like some kids you see at these tourneys who cry and holler when they've lost.
In fact between matches he and this boy visited and talked wrestling.
Likely they will wrestle each other again at some point.

A lot of wrestling is state of mind I think.
Playing in your mind what you learned from prior matches and how you'll use that information in the next match. 
Caden was not going to loose again apparently.
He totally dominated this match, winning by pin in the first minute.
Short videos will load :)

My boy is triumphant! 

2nd place on the day!

He says next time he will take 1st and get that big pewter trophy!
There aren't any tourneys close until after the first of the year and then it really heats up.
Can't wait!!


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tainterturtles said...

Is that little Caden??? OMG, where has time gone Kellie. Thanks again for coming to our little holiday gathering. It felt like old times with you and Krissy.