Sunday, September 27, 2015

Skunked again and randomness

Last night sitting on the couch watching a movie with all the doors and windows open to enjoy the wonderful weather we've been having - Dodger and Dozer start barking at something. Within a minute we smell the stench of SKUNK! 

The Hubby suits up to go hunting.
The dogs have been sprayed again and are of no use locating the skunk.
He has got to find that skunk.
The smell is so awful. I swear this morning I still smell it. 

Unbelievable that September is about done.
Our leaves are starting to turn. I am looking forward to the guy who rents the fields around us to harvest his corn so we can ride horses out there again. The corn is so tall and full it's hard to even ride around the edges of the fields.

I've got my garden all cleaned out except for the pumpkins. I figured I'd leave them on the vine until the weather got cooler so they didn't rot so fast. Speaking of the garden and I tried my first jar of sweet and hot pickles this week and they are delicious! Another week or so and I'll try the kosher dills to see how they turned out.

My boy marched in his first parade earlier this month. The middle school band sounded great!
He has recently started doing gymnastics in a nearby town one day a week. It's a program for boys that are also wrestlers. I can tell already that he is getting stronger and has much more flexibility that previously. The workouts he does there are harder than any he has ever done before for wrestling, baseball, basketball or even football he says. Wow right? 
I know watching them makes me want to get in there and do it too!
Probably wreck myself if I even tried some of the back bends or hand springs that they are doing.

The kids have rescued two kittens. One was super runty and the other had a broken back foot.
Not sure what the plan is now that they are both on the mend. They sure are cute though.

Yay for Football Sunday. I see in my future a restful nap on the couch during a game :)

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a restful nap on your couch during Sunday football?