Monday, September 7, 2015

Sunday AM coffee

Being woken up from a dead sleep by the thunder of hooves and frantic whinnying of horses is never a good thing.

My first thought was "I'm sure I shut the gate!"

I stumbled to the window and see in the half light of dawn the three of them racing through the back yard heading around to the front of the house. I knew the Hubby's string/gate was not up and could just picture them running straight up the driveway to the road!

I hustled as fast as I could down the stairs pausing for a moment to find a pair of shoes because if they were headed for the road I'd need something better than flip flops on.

By this time the dogs are freaked out and barking like maniacs. I let them out and they headed towards the back pasture.

Yes the horses had started down the driveway, but for some reason were now headed back in my direction. They raced to the barn and circled frantically. I could hear the dogs in the distance - they were barking and snarling at something!

When Jennifer got close to me I could see she'd been injured. From about mid neck to her knees she was bloody. I couldn't see any blood on Gypsy or Scotch and they were calming down. I got a halter and rope on Jennifer and walked her to the barn where I could clearly see that she'd went through the old section of barbed wire fence. Something must have been chasing them. Something that the dogs were now chasing off apparently.

Seeing blood on a light colored horse is always a bit of a shock. I was surprised that Jennifer stood still as well as she did to let me clean her up. Most of the cuts are not deep, but boy there are a lot of them. Only one two inch gash has me worried as it's much deeper than the rest and near the bend of her chest and forearm so likely will take longer to heal.

The dogs have now returned and are panting like crazy. They must have been successful at running off whatever had chased the horses.

Gypsy and Scotch were uninjured. Which makes sense I suppose since Jenny is the biggest scardy cat around that she'd be first in line to get away from a predator - not to mention she is younger and  much faster than them.

In between rain showers the Hubby, Caden and I repaired the fence. Jenny took out about 60 feet of wire and pulled out two fence posts. I can't believe she didn't get hurt worse.

Other than the heart pounding horse fun, we've had a quiet holiday weekend. Made a trip over to see Colton on Saturday. He likes living in the apartment a lot better than the dorms. His classes just started last week and he's already had quite a bit of homework. He picked up extra hours this weekend at work so we didn't stay long. When we went to leave the door knob broke, basically locking us IN the apartment. We stuffed Caden out the window and he went around to see if he could open the door from the outside, but he couldn't. Good thing I had my handy dandy leather man in my purse for the Hubby to use in removing the door knob and fixing it so no one would get locked in again.

Hope your weekend was enjoyable :)


Ami said...

Oh my gosh. I hope your horsey friend will heal up okay. Thank goodness the dogs and the horses made noise and woke you up!!

Hell of a way to wake up, though.

Nicole said...

Wonder what was up with the horses... that's scary! And kind of funny about the door knob, not going to lie...

Nikker said...

One of the worst feelings in the world...the way your stomach feels when you wake up to your horses running and calling to each other!! That's a lot of fence!! Glad she was mostly ok!