Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday morning coffee

It's beautiful here this morning.
Sunny, relatively warm for this time of year - 37 and a light wind of about 5 out of the West. 
The horses are eating and as soon as they are done I'm rolling Chyann out of bed for a ride.

It's been incredibly windy here this last week which put me off from attempting to get out and ride.
The willow tree is a good gauge for riding if ever there was one. 
If the those long flowing branches are blowing more than a foot from the tree I'd rather stay in. 

Matt made it safely to home to Florida yesterday.
Unpacked and went to a local restaurant for dinner since he didn't have any food in those house.
He was driving home on his motorcycle and was hit by an older man driving a car.
No injuries thankfully, but holy shit. 
He drove five thousand miles across the country only to have an incident a few miles from home.

We watched Iron Man 3 last night and enjoyed it.
Funny when we were in ND a few weeks ago this woman comes up to me and says your Hubby reminds me of someone, but I can't think of who. She did that about four times before she is practically running to me saying I know who it is! I know who your husband reminds me of!! 
I'm like who? and she says - drum roll please.......
Robert Downey Jr!
No kidding.
She told me how lucky I was to be married to a guy who looked just like Robert Downey Jr.
I conceded with the dark hair and goatee, but that's about it. 

Veterans Day program tomorrow at 10a.
Why does the school plan these events smack in the middle of the working day?
So I'm going to start work half hour early then use my lunch and breaks all in one whack to see the program. Cadens' fifth grade class is spotlighted in the program. Reading essays on what Veterans day is about or what the flag symbolizes to them. They also hand out roses to the Veterans and escort them to the front of the podium for the program.

I've started putting together my menu for Thanksgiving.
Going to try a few new side dishes this year I think.
A wild rice corn dish and possibly a new yam dish.
Haven't decided on deserts yet tho.

Happy Birthday to my fantastically wonderful friend Sherri!
Let's do something soon! xoxoxo

Later :)



tainterturtles said...

Holy buckets, I can't believe Matt drove all that way and then was hit by a car in Florida. I'm glad your brother is okay.

I was also excited about the mild temperatures and sunny conditions today. That sunshine sure felt good on my face.

Thanks for the info about the Veteran's Day program at school. Bike man had just asked me about that and I didn't I do. I will have to see if he wants to go tomorrow.

Dar said...

Not anyone famous, but a gal stopped to buy potatoes, and she took my breath away. I had just gotten the news that my dearest friend has cancer and, in drives this car, a gal gets out and there she was, BUT it wasn't her...crazy God-send.

they do say most accidents happen within 20 miles from home...that's creepy but I'm glad your brother is alright.

Hope you had a nice ride~in the wind. Does your horse spook easily? Mine did.

Veterans Day~wow, we have so many to thank for their service. Have a great day remembering.
Life is Great

Aunt Krissy said...

We got about 5 in snow today! Bummer. I'm starting to plan my Thanksgiving meal too.

Nicole said...

Holy crap! He got hit a few miles from home? Soooooooo glad he made his way home and wasn't hurt!