Saturday, November 9, 2013

Uncle Matt

We had a fantastically, wonderful visit with my brother Matt. 
One of those fun, never run out of things to say, can't believe I haven't had you in my life more, where has the time gone type of visit.

He has definitely grown up from the little kid I picture in my minds eye.

I had the best time just sitting around the table talking, remembering our lives together and telling our new life stories.

Matt works in AK about eight months out of the year for the state doing a variety of things. 
From making sure the crabs are of good quality when they come off the boats to monitoring fish as they swim upstream to spawn. 

When I heard about the crab part I told him we watch Deadliest Catch and was what he did like that? He said it was similar except that show was mostly bullshit with all the drama Hollywood has injected into it. Well who knew lol 

Matt had the best bear stories ever!
They kept all of us enthralled, but especially Caden. He kept asking him to tell another story and Caden would hang on his every word. Later he told me that he hoped to have adventures like his Uncle Matt did one day. 
How cool is that. 

He left on Monday to continue his journey across the US. 
I was sad to see him go.
Maybe we will go see him in FL one of these days - his house is a stones throw from the ocean and it's a short drive to Orlando with all the Diseny type fun. 


Aunt Krissy said...

Good looking kids!

tainterturtles said...

How fun to have your brother Matt come and visit you. I bet you all had a great time catching up on life. And quite the extreme from Alaska to, two totally different worlds!

Love the photo of the kids. That Colton, Mr. Cool man, lol!

Nicole said...

Soooooo awesome that he made time to head your direction. You soooooo should go to Florida! If nothing else, Florida is great and you'd get to see your brother.