Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday, not so wordless

Had this big idea I'd start another Wordless Wednesday post series, but couldn't NOT write anything. 
So, then I though I'd call the post Hump day. 
Decided against that for obvious reasons. 

The temps have warmed up to a little above freezing.
Was very nice not to have to break ice for the barn cats this AM.

We've sure gotten a lot of snow this month too. 
As evidenced by Caden's snowman, which I call Shitman due to the horse shit used for his face. 
Shitman sits at the turn in the driveway, like a sentinel guarding the house.

Love it that it's almost March already.
Sure it's going to be a long month with five weeks, but those weeks are going to fly.
Then it's APRIL!
I feel a bit giddy just thinking about it.

Colton is coming home this weekend - YAY!
I sure have missed him.
He is getting another roommate today.
Which should be interesting, considering this new kid got moved from his original dorm for violating the campus alcohol  rules.
Hope he is not a trouble maker.
Or should I say that Colton does not choose to get into trouble with him.

Signed Caden up for Baseball last night.
I'm so excited about the upcoming season.

A Casey update.
She is still with us. 
Chyann wants just a little more time to see if she can improve.
I said yes, but we can't continue to prolonging this.
It's agony for everyone and terrible to have to do, but quite necessary.

Here's to Hump Day!
The week is almost done.

Have a nice night.


Nicole said...

I just emailed my husband and asked what day it was. He said Thursday. Then emailed back and said Wednesday. shit. I should have read your post first, then my hopes wouldn't have been heightened. You'd have kept me in the know :).

I love the snowman or as you call him shitman! One of my 101 goals is to make a Snowman. I better get on it before the snow we got Monday night melts.

Ami said...

LOLOL... 'shitman'.

That and the dogs gnawing on the chunk of frozen shit on your sofa... well, I am seeing a theme here to my humor. Obviously hanging around with potty humor kids too much. lololl 'shitman'.

NNN said...

Love Caden's "Shitman" - very creative use of "road apples"!!
We haven't hardly had enough snow at one time to make a snowman. What little we have gotten melts pretty fast - looks like another year of sky high horse hay - when you can find it!

SunnySD said...

So much nicer for eyes/nose etc. than coal - and so much easier to come by, too :) Ours was here and gone too fast to get that creative with.

And we're in the third week of March already - not sure where the rest of it went, but can't believe it's almost Easter. Good grief!