Monday, February 25, 2013

As requested

This is where I spend my days parked on my ass. 

I've got the kindle positioned on the far left.
I never imagined I'd enjoy the kindle as much as I have.
I can listen to audiobooks, watch (listen more than watch - glance over every once in a while) movies, news programs and Pandora.
 The lap top which is my "brain" computer and I use that screen as my second screen.
Right in front is my main screen and ergonomic keyboard, then my fancy mouse. 
CD player far right.
Headset hanging on the wall. 

Pictures of old friends from AK.
I'm looking at you guys everyday.

And the window from which I watch the world. 
The kids up at the bus stop, the trees - as they change, cars/trucks up on the road, the cows in the front pasture, birds flying to and fro.

Not pictured to my left is a twin bed that Caden comes and lays on in the mornings after I wake him up and he's had breakfast.
Those moments when he is cuddled up with Shasta talking to me about random stuff, are probably the best parts of my work day and one of the things I try to remember when I am flustered and not liking the job.
Where else can I get paid to listen to my baby boy rambling about life and new things he has discovered?

Behind me is a dresser filled with unused scrapbooking junk, unfinished quilting projects and jeans that are waiting to be patched. 

To the right just out of sight from my headset that is hanging on the wall is a closet packed up top with a bazillion VHS tapes, quilting fabrics, old games and other miscellaneous junk.

This is where I spend the majority of my days.
I'm thinking of repainting it yellow.
My happy color.
I should have taken the picture during the day when my room is flooded with light, but it was a spur of the moment kind of thing.

Caden the cowboy at the Cowboy museum in Oklahoma City. 
Another recovered picture.

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Nicole said...

Not gonna lie, your job has me soooo intrigued :)