Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Sunday and other stuff

We've had Alberta clippers sweep in every few days this last week, making for some extreme temperature changes. 

Cold as hell, -20 and windy then warming up to 10-15*. Those chilly temps sure feel like a heat wave.
We are burning a lot of wood, which I'm quite thankful we've got a stock pile of.

 There is definitely something to be said for being prepared for winter and not only wood department, but feed for the animals. 
Hay, grain, straw bedding, shelter, fresh water and all that to keep the cows and horses fat and happy.

These yo-yo temps are hard on the animals. 
You've got to feed them enough quality food so they are able to maintain their internal body temperature to keep warm. 

Hence the huge loads of hay being fed, which they graze on all day and appear to play in when they are not really hungry. 
Flicking and tossing the hay all over. 
Which is what I think has lead to Jenny getting some hay in her left eye. It's squinty, running with a clear discharge and has a small white hue to the cornea next to the corner of her eye. 
We've had this happen to Gypsy before (and to me not that long ago).
Chyann put some antibiotic ointment in it and we'll call the vet tomorrow. 
Hopefully her eye will heal up quick. 


It was two years yesterday since Chyann had her fixator put on. 
She is glad she had the operation done.
Six weeks of pure hell and a haze of RX for 40mm of new femur bone.

Colton arranged his college classes so he could cram them all in Monday thru Thursday and is planning on coming home on Thursday afternoons now. 

Speaking of school, semester grades are out.
Caden had a B+ in Math and all the rest A's.
Chyann is straight A's.
Colton had a C+ in anthropology and a mix of A's and B's for the rest of his classes.

YAY kids!!

Work is not slowing down quite as fast as the managers expected.

Yes, today is the superbowl!
The day we football fans have waited for all season.
I don't care who wins, just hope it's a good game and not a blow out.

Had the urge the other day to get all my hair whacked off.
Like an inch all over - then dye it a bright color.
Decided to wait a week and see if the idea still appeals. 
Don't know if its just winter or what, but when I look in the mirror I feel like I look drab.
Drab like those ladies you see who have no color- you ladies know what I'm talking about right?
The drab might just be a run of the mill working too much not enough rest not enough fun thing going on.
Which is why I decided to wait a week on the big cut and color lol

I'm off to make some cinnamon rolls.

Happy day to ya :)


Ami said...

Hacking your hair off is kind of extreme, but there are tons of colors that wash out easily. I am a weenie, but I think if I wanted to change my hair color, I'd go there first.

Excellent grades for everyone, it sounds like they work hard.

And I can so relate to the surgery/pain/rx haze/pain/pain and pain and physical therapy and pain.

tainterturtles said...

When I was in my late thirties, I did whack my hair off and had the shortest cut ever, almost spiky. I liked it for several years, but then eventually grew it out so I could curl it. Short hair is really easy to take care of...think about it Kellie.

So who would ever imagine the lights would go out during the Super Bowl??? Bizarre!

Nicole said...

Sounds like your kids did awesome! And I know what you mean about the hair thing. I've actually chopped 11 inches off of mine twice just because I wanted something different. I joked about dying it hot pink but thought better of that one. we did however photoshop it pink once... good thing I steered clear of the pink! :)

SunnySD said...

Yay, kids! That's great!

Based on your picture at the wine-tasting, you definitely do not look drab. But I can completely understand the urge to change something dramatically this time of year. Everything outside is brown, tan, grey or white, and all of my warm winter stuff seems blah.

And now I'm hungry for cinnamon rolls - LOL!