Saturday, February 9, 2013

And so it goes...


 We've had snow every day this month, not a lot an inch or so.
 Just enough to make driving more interesting.

Still working the OT.
Management now says till St.Patty's day.
Got to make hay while the sun shines, as "they" say tho.
So I will continue.

Miss blogging as often as I'd like.
I am going to attempt to do ahead a few posts today.
We'll see how that goes.


Caden and Casper.

Casper is so fat, it's not even funny.
Dude needs to go on a diet, which will entail me having to pen him up for feedings and then releasing him when the big horses are done. 
It's a hassle, but most necessary.

Got some meds from the vet for Jenny's eye on Monday.
This pic was on Wednesday.
Very drainey and in the AM when I would go out to feed them, she literally had icicles hanging off her cheek that were 2 and 3 inches long from the drainage.

Quite the process to warm up the ice to remove it, wash the area, dry the area and then apply the ointment.
She was really very good though. 
Just standing there letting me do it. 

Can you see the cloudiness here?
The vet said that could take a month or more to resolve.  

Scotch and Jenny.

Icicles on Gypsy.
For an old gal she doesn't look too bad this winter. 
We think she is 27.

A lot to get done today.
Cookies, cake and soup on the cooking list.

Supposed to storm tomorrow.
6 inches of snow, then freezing rain.
Nothing like what the East coast is getting, can't imagine 3 feet in one big dump.

Alright, I'm off. 
Toodles folks :)


PAK ART said...

I want Casper! I think he is the cutest little horse I've ever seen, plus I know he is super sweet. I hope I can find a pony like that when we move to MO. Hang in there on the work. It sucks, but it pays big bucks.

Nicole said...

That poor eye! My husband's horse (before we were married, but we were dating) almost poked her eye out. Bad deal! And being fat in the winter isn't sooo bad :) lol. I like the word Frackadackalous!